March 13, 2017




Sister Gladney


I'm staying in Osnabrück! Sister Gladney is also staying! I realllly thought I was leaving, but I'm also happy to stay. I just don't want to have to pack everything :P But a sister missionary from Germany who is waiting for her visa to Utah will be with us for 5 days! So we will be in a drit (trio) for 5 days woop woop. We have no idea where she will sleep or anything because we only have 2 beds and there isn't enough room in our bedroom for a 3rd this will be fun. She was in Gera the last 2 transfers so I'm excited to be able to ask her allll about how the people there are doing. I don't know why they would move her all the way across the country to Osnabrück for only 5 days, when they could have just sent her to stay with the Berlin sisters (since she's flying out of Berlin). They closed the Sister Program in Gera, which makes me really sad ): I was born and raised there.....
OH, by the way, INNOCENT is getting baptized on the 25th of March!!! YAYAYAYAY I'm so excited for him. We still have to teach him a few more things but hopefully everything works out. Keep him in your prayers as he prepares for baptism. I was scared that I was going to get transferred right before he gets baptized and I wouldn't be able to be there, but Heavenly Father knows best I suppose (: We are also teaching another lady from Nigeria (yes, I know we never seem to teach Germans :P ) and I told her I'm coming to Nigeria one day to visit her and she got excited and told me I could stay with her haha. So maybe one day I'll go visit Nigeria haha. That's a really cool part about being a missionary in northern Germany where there are soooo many cultures and nationalities. I get to experience the German culture, but also makes friends from all around the world! Pretty cool (; na ja anyways. I'm excited for our trip!! But its kind of freaking my out because i know its going to be summer sooo soon. I'm almost dead! I only have 2 more transfers after this one.....sooooo weird. I'm trying to make the best of every second because I know how fast it will go by.
This next transfer should be good though because it's only a 5 weeks transfer, we have Easter, general conference (my last one on a mission...), Innocents baptism, mine and Adams 3 year :P and it's getting WARMER and all the spring flowers are starting to pop up! It's still too cold to not wear a jacket and tights, but at least the sun is shining. I am jealous of the 80 degree Arizona weather though. I never knew how much I loved Arizona until I left haha.
Hmmm what else. We went to another monkey zoo last p-day and I was wearing sister Gladney's backpack and a huge monkey jumped on me, and stole some crackers right our of her bag and ran up the tree and ate them all. It was so funny! I don't have any pictures of me, but I took some that I'll send.
Have a good spring break and enjoy the warm weather for me! If you saw me and my pasty white skin you would know just how much sun we DONT get over here haha. But all is well. BYE! (:


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