February 6, 2017




Sister Gladney

New companion

My new companions name is Sister Gladney! Her dad was in the military so she has lived everywhere...but she was born and spent a lot of time in Nebraska. So yeah, I guess from Nebraska! NOT Utah. Before her mission, she was in the Navy for a year, but she hurt her shoulders so she couldn't stay in. Andddd then she came on a mission. She's super cool and I like her. she reminds me of Brynly for some reason hahha, just the way she talks and says things, its funny :P
Anywho...not much new to report on Innocent. We haven't met with him and he didn't come to church yesterday.....yeah, we are still working.
Eva is good, we had a lesson last week and taught her the plan of salvation. We invited her to a baptismal date at the end of February and she said no, that's to much for her to commit to. We also talked to the less active who gave us the referral for her, and he told us that in 1993 the first time she met with missionaries, she was baptized. I was so confused......because she didn't say anything and told us she didn't even know anything about the church or what we believe. Her records aren't even in the church anymore apparently, so I have no idea what happened with her. It was a little weird.....But we have a lesson tomorrow and we will see how it goes. I guess its good that she's meeting with us. We just have a Lot of unanswered questions now...But all is well hopefully (:
hahah Gotta love Germany. Nothing is every normal here!
We haven't found anyone new. We didn't have much time this week because of transfers, and I was in Hannover for 2 days with the sisters there waiting for my companion to come, since she came a little later than normal transfer days due to some temple appointment thing.
I can't believe its already February. Its almost Spring!! Which is crazy....
I don't know if I'm training next transfer, all the sisters are supposed to be getting ready anyways because a lot of us will train. Who knows though, President likes to make the young sister train. We will see (:
It is hard to see the good that we do sometimes, since we don't always see the results. But I know that even if I don't see many people convert and join the church, I still learned and grew myself! It's hard seeing so many people so close to having the amazing gospel and then not want it, or not accept it. But it has really strengthen my testimony of HOW important it is. It really does make life happier. I have noooo idea how I could live without the Gospel. So even though I haven't "baptized" anyone, I still did my part in sharing the gospel and giving them a chance to accept it. And that's all I can really do! I really think this point of my mission is just a test of faith now. Because I've been here for a while, I know the German mindset and know that a lot of them don't want what we have to offer. BUT, that's when the faith really comes in. Having faith that God really DOES prepare people, even if I think I know what the Germans will say when I try to stop them on the street, or knock their door. And sometimes, well most of the time, I am right...that they wont want to listen, but that doesn't mean that Igive up. Doesn't mean that I stop working hard, or talking to everyone, or sharing my testimony. (: Anyways, yeah I'm ranting now.
oh man ,missions are crazy. I am so tired like allll the time! I feel like a zombie haha. My feet are almost broken because we walk so much, and I really need a massage because my shoulder bag is killing me BUT despite all those things, I'M SO HAPPY TO BE HERE as a missionary. There really is nothing like it. NOOO way could I have learned the things I've learned back home, in my little comfort zone.
XOXO Sister Leavitt


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