January 2, 2017




Sister Alton

HAPPY 2017!

Dear Everyone,
HAPPY 2017!
Nah ja, I don't have much to write this week, seeing that we didn't have many appointments because of the holidays. But hopefully I can write something worthwhile!
This week, we had a really cool appointment with a member named Jafar and his Sassy 7 year old daughter Donja. We went over with the elders and gave Donja a Christmas party, because she spent Christmas with her mom ( who is Muslim). Anyways, we sang some songs and had a Christmas devotional and gave out a few presents! It was really fun, and probably my favorite appointment since being here in Osnabrück.
We also had Tausch (exchanges) with our Stl's in Hannover. I went to Hannover with Sister Earl! We focused mainly on getting rid of all the Christmas pass along cards. It was freeeezing cold but we went out anyways talking to everyone who passed us. We also did a little bit of dooring, and we met a cool young college dude. He told us he isn't religious but that we could show him the Christmas video anyways. We showed the video and bore testimony about Jesus Christ. It was really cool because at the end I was talking to him and I had no idea what I was going to say or what he needed from us, but I simply just invited him to pray and ask God if he was there, something that he was unsure about. My most favorite moments are when you can literally feel the Holy Ghost working through you, and giving you the words to say to people. It really is a true promise that we have that if we just open our mouths in faith, our mouths will be filled.
We got a new referral this week named Nils!! Oh man, we have been praying and working so hard so we could find someone new to teach. He was a self referral and wants a Book of Mormon and to know about the purpose of life. We have an appointment with him tonight, and are really excited!
We also found another new investigator named P.P Tsan. He's from Hong Kong ( shout out to you daddio)! We gave him a Book of Mormon for Christmas and made out a new appointment for Wednesday!
For new years eve, we went to a members house and had a grand ol time. It's super weird knowing that 2016 is already over!! Looking back, this was the weirdest, coolest, most adventurous, hard, but rewarding year of my entire life. I've learned way more than I could even put words to. I'm so so so grateful for 2016 and I know I will remember it forever. But I'm also excited for the new year. It's weird knowing this is the year I go home. I have made many many goals for the last 6 months of my mission, and ultimately for life after the mission. I'ts honestly the best reason to look back on anything, repent, and move forward with a fresh new year ahead of you! (:
Well, I hope you all have a superb and exciting new week and year!
Its starting to get super super cold here so hopefully I make it through alive!
XOXO Sister Leavitt


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