December 19, 2016




Sister Alton


Dear everyone,

Well, Christmas is officially upon us andddddd thats so very weird.

I'm going to keep this one short, but hopefully I can still say something worth while.

We haven't been able to meet with Innocent this week, because hes been out of town. BUT we have made him a study journal and are helped him get on a daily scripture study routine. He likes reading it a lot! He's doing super good, and we are super excited with all the progress he is
making. Keep him in your prayers please (:

Most of this week a ton of people are out of town or busy, but we have been trying to really focus on the Christmas video from the church. I love it so much, and I love all the weird crazy experiences trying to share it with everyone!
For example: Yesterday, we were trying to find a inactive member in our ward and make contact with her. We went to the other side of town basically to find out she doesn't live there anymore. But, we came all the way over here, so we might as well find SOMEONE right? Right. So we
klingled the apartment building and someone let us into the building. We knocked on everyone's door and some people said no, some people said no interest, and then the last door....the lady opens the door and
says "Was? Was brennt?" ( What?? Whats burning?)... Uhhh, my testimony?! Anyways, we told her that we were from the church and we wanted to share a beautiful video with her about Christ and Christmas. She just looked at us and then eventually motioned for us to come in. Not going to lie I was a little scared. We came in and she closed the door behind us and then showed us around her apartment. She had many traditional German christmas decorations. She told us that THIS was
Christmas for her. Christmas for her was only about the decorations and the special potato dish she makes. After a little while of her talking, we asked if we could show her what Christmas meant for us! So we showed her the video and talked about Christ. I bore my testimony
that I know Christ was born and that he lives. I know that he knows me personally. She didn't have much interest but I love being able to teach people that our SAVIOR was born, and what a precious gift that is for not only me,
but for her too.

In class on Sunday, we talked about what we are going to give the Savior this year for Christmas. We were all challenged to write a note to the savior telling what I'm going to give him this year, and wrap it up and put it under the tree. I wrote my note and put it in an
envelope, and put the envelope under our tiny paper tree. I can see it every morning and I am reminded about ALLL that he has done for me. My one gift to him won't/can't repay him, but coming THAT much closer to him is, I think, a gift for him. Because he loves us.

Well I have many more things but I cant accurately explain what kind of experiences I'm having out here. Too many little tender mercies, and growing experiences to write them.

BUT, I hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas. I challenge you all to also pray about what you can give Christ this year, and put it under your beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Liebe Grüße, Sister Leavitt


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