December 26, 2016




Sister Alton

Frohe Weihnachten

Merry Christmas! (Germany loves their holidays). It's not actually a real holiday but all the stores are closed so we will count it.
WELL, this week was really good! We didn't get to teach too many lessons, because of the holidays and such but all is good. We did have a lesson with a new investigator we found named Marilena. She is 24 and from Greece! She is so sweet and we had a reallllyyyy good lesson with her! We brought her to the church, showed her around and taught her the first lesson. (She loved the baptismal font in the church (; ). We decided to change the way we teach the first lesson just a little bit. After having taught it so many times sometimes I'm just in the rut of saying the same spiel over again, but we wanted to make sure we really taught to her needs this time. We also decided to focus more on prayer in the first lesson. I read a talk called the Donaldson papers, and in it he says that in the first lesson we should focus on teaching people how to pray and receive personal restoration. I thought about that a lot and we decided that before we shove the Book of Mormon at her, we should teach her how to pray. It was a really good lesson, and she agreed with a lot of the things we taught her. Ex: Latter day prophets, the apostasy, etc. She told us that she knows that God loves his children alllll over the earth, so the idea that Christ appeared to the people in the Americas really caught her attention. At the end of the lesson we asked her "If Your Heavenly Father were in the room with us right now, what would you ask him about what we've taught you today." Her response didn't surprise me at all, but she said "Whether or not God and Christ appeared to Joseph smith and if he was really called of God." We invited her to say the closing prayer and ask Her Heavenly Father right then and there to ask that question. And she did! It was so cool. The spirit was there and I was instantly so grateful for personal revelation. It really shows how much God wants to give us answers, as long as we come to HIM and ASK! We hope to meet again this week and teach her about the Book of Mormon and how awesome it is (;
As you all know, it was Christmasssss this week! And we arn't allowed to proselyte from the 24-26. So let's just say we wrapped up the Greatest gift anyone could receive. The Book of Mormon! We wrapped a ton up for different contacts, and people we have meet, etc.
Christmas eve, aka Heilige Abend, was a super good day! We had a Christmas Andacht at the church (I think that's called a Christmas devotional, or thought, or something like that). We had a little Christmas program at the church with the Ward with some talks and the missionaries even sang. It was.....greattttt. Good thing Sister Alton has a angelic voice, She saved us all. We tried a cool little version of Silver Bells with the Elders. Hahah. Good times.
Germans celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve so we went to Bruder Altmanns house with the Elders afterwards and had Christmas dinner. I don't remember what its called, but it was a lot of potatoes, Meat, rot kohl, and bubbly drinks. We were living the German life. President allowed us to watch Disney movies only for that Christmas eve and Christmas day, so we opened presents and then watched Inside Out.

Sunday, we went to Church! It was such a good meeting and i just couldn't be happier. Heavenly Father must love us or something because the one American family in our ward invited us over to spend Christmas afternoon with them. Our Christmas Ever was typical German so I didn't feel bad that our Christmas Day was American (; WE got to skype our families which was weirdddd but great (:
Well, I hope you all had a great Christmas!
Now that Christmas is over, I just want to invite you all not to go back to your regular habits, but to remember everything you've learned about serving others, and always remembering Christ.
Jesus Christ set the example for us, not only for the month of December, but for our entire lives.
I'm so grateful that I get to serve out here! The year of 2016 is coming to a close, and that freaks me out a little bit :p
BUT, I love you all so much! Have a happy new year (:


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