December 5, 2016




Sister Alton

Hello family and friends!

This week wasn't filled with lesson after lesson with investigators, or lots of "success" in the eyes of some. BUT it was filled with many many tender mercies and spiritual moments that strengthened my testimony.
I will tell you about a few things that happened this week that reaffirms my knowledge that MY and YOUR Father in Heaven is so loving, and loves us all so much.
We have a new family that just moved into our ward named the Asan´s. They are from Macedonia and just moved here a few weeks ago. We got a text from our Ward mission leader saying that Bishop has a strong feeling that we need to go visit this family as soon as possible. We got their address and made our way down there. We get to the address and find out that it in a big refugee camp. Here in Germany they have a lot of those. It is strictly secured with security guards and fences and such so we couldn't go in, but Bruder Asan came out to meet us. He and his wife were baptized in Macedonia about 2 years ago, and have 3 little children. And oh my goodness, this family is awesome! We helped him navigate the bus systems and showed him how to get to church from his house. We got to talk a lot with him and see and hear his amazing testimony. They were Muslim and then converted to the church, and now have no contact to their family because of it. They moved to Germany, into a camp that isn't the most desirous place to be. As he was talking about all these things he's done to be able to live the gospel and care for his family, I was so touched by his trust in his Father in Heaven. After we showed him where the church was and gave him a tour and everything, he just looked at us and said "Thank you so much sisters. I am so grateful for you". I was so grateful to be able to meet this humble little family and feel the love God has for them. And now I get the opportunity to love them too!
Another little cool experience we had this week was getting to meet with Sister Bihl, a member in our ward. She is a little bit older and really sick, so she can't come to church anymore. But HOLY COW her testimony is so amazing. She can't get out of bed most days but she is killing it with online missionary work! The really cool thing about the new Christmas initiative this year is, most of the videos are meant to be shared on social media. Anyways, This lady is a convert (like most people in Germany) and is the most humble, Christlike person I think I've ever meet. Oh okay, I've meet a toooon of people on my mission. She told us a little about her sickness. She told us " I'm so grateful for this time in my life where I've been sick, because I've come closer to my heavenly father and my savior Jesus Christ. OHHH how thankful I am for that!". WOWOW, it made me really stop and think about my own self. What kind of attitude do I have towards my challenges in life. Do I see them as a curse or a blessing? Do I see them as a tool to get to know my Savior better, or do I see them as a set back? When appointments fall out, when I discover yet ANOTHER weakness of mine, or when I just want to give up on the work, it's really easy to complain and feel burdened. But learning to overcome those things and really rely on my Savior has been a saving grace for me. OHHH my goodness how grateful I am to get to learn these type of lessons to better little ol Sister Leavitt (:
We also got to take Innocent to a super cool choir concert in Bremen! He loves to sing, especially gospel music, and it was in English so we thought this would be perfect! The title of the concert was "Greater than us all". He really liked it a lot! We meet a bunch of members from the stake and they would ask Innocent if he was a member and he would just say " YES! I am a member.." hahahah uhhh.. we would have to correct him and say "not YET". Hahaha it was pretty cute. He told us that he knows he wants/ needs to be baptized, so we are working on getting him ready.
Sunday was our ward pot luck party thing ( Germans loveeee ward lunches) and it was really really fun. It's funny you can almost always guess what the food is going to be. Any type of noodle salad possible, potato salad, wursts, and tons of German cake. It's great.
But besides all the food that makes me fat, we got to sit in on a brother receive the Aaronic priesthood, and then turn around a give it to his son. The dads name is Jared and he has a really really cool story. He was raised in the church but when he was a teenager he ran away from home and joined a Nazi extremist group. He kinda went off the deep end and yeah. His wonderful little mother was devastated of course. She bore her testimony one week about how she had no idea where he was or what had happened to him. She prayed and prayed and prayed to know how to help her son. She said she got the answer to just keep her covenants, and just wait patiently. About 9 months ago, he came back home (he's in his late 30s now), found the healing power of the gospel again, and completely changed his life around to be able to be baptized again. And this Sunday he got the Aaronic priesthood. It was a really powerful blessing, and so sweet to be able to pass it on to his 12 year old son as well.
I found a really cool quote the other day that really struck me. It says: "Sometimes we are tempted to let our lives be governed more by convenience than by covenant. It is not always convenient to live gospel standards and stand up for truth and testify of the Restoration. It usually is not convenient to share the gospel with other. It isn't always convenient to respond to a calling in the Church, especially one that stretches our abilities. Opportunities to serve others in meaningful ways, as we have covenanted to do, rarely come at convenient times. But there is no spiritual power in living by convenience. The power comes as we keep our covenants.

Welllll that's about all I got time for. Thank you allll for your support and prayers. I feel them every day out here in this crazy world!
Tschüß (:
XO Sister Aubrey Leavitt


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