November 28, 2016




Sister Alton


I dont think I'll be writing a group email today but wanted to send you guys one. I'll be adding a lot of pictures so if you want to send those out to everyone that's cool, whatever, its up to you.
It's so crazy that November is almost over, and December is almost here!! It's still in the 30s most days, which isn't too cold for me now. Only if I don't wear gloves ha! I'm just waiting for the snow (:
They officially have all the Weihnachts markts set up, and we are going to go with the elders and a member later today! I'll make sure to take lots of pictures for you. I'm not exactly sure what they sell, so I haven't decided what I'm going to buy. But I'll probably take some money out today. I want to find some ornaments too!I'm so proud of dad for singing...Solo!! Did you record it? I wish I could have been there! I love you Dad! You're awesome (: What did you sing?? I thought he was singing on Christmas?
Did you take any pictures from Thanksgiving?
I emailed Maryn this week and gave her some tips, advice, and encouragement. I think she really appreciated it.
We had our Zone Conference this weekend and guess where i got to go? HAMBURGGGG!! I didn't see really any of the city because we just went to the church for the meeting, but it was still really cool! I've wanted to go to Hamburg since Mai lived with us. Mai is in Scotland right now, and when she comes back she will go back to Hamburg where her family lives for a little while. I don't know if I'll still be in Osnabrück when she comes back to Osnabrück for school. But I told her that we could come visit her and her family when you come pick me up. Not sure what you have planned, but I would loveeee to see Mai of course, before we go back to America. Maybe you could mail her and plan something? Anyways, we didn't get our Christmas packages so I'm guessing we will have a zone training meeting somewhere in December where we will get them.
I do know a Sister Diaz!! I saw her at Zone conference. She said that her sister knew me somehow and wanted to take a picture to show her sister. I was confused but it all makes sense now!
I'm not sure what time I'll be able to Skype yet. We have already been invited to members houses for christmas so I'll have to see what time and what not.
Well, as for my week...
We honestly don't have a lot going on. I hear everyone has a "drought" period on their mission. Apparently its my time. We don't have any real promising investigators. We are working hard but not really seeing any results at the moment. BUT something that I realized is, as long as I'm not in a "Personal" drought, meaning not growing or progressing, than all I can do is work my hardest and trust that the Lord is there to lead and guide me. We just got our new Christmas video and cards and all that fun stuff. So we have a lot of new ways to find people! So I'm hoping and praying that these proud German hearts will be softened during this Christmas season. I'm not sure if you've seen the video yet, but the main message of the video is #Der welt ein licht. Or in English words, Light the world! It shares the scripture that says: "I am the light of the world" and then another Scripture that says " ye are the light of the world". Its really really good. We studied light in church yesterday and something that I really really liked was the scripture that says " I am not the light, but I give testimony of the light" or something along those lines. And it's so true! Ultimately in this Christmas season, we should be the tools in spreading the light of the Savior! Not for our own benefit or praise, but because Jesus really is the light of this world. So many people (especially these crazy Europeans) have dark lives and you can see that they really have no light in their life. Knowing that I get to bear testimony of the light of Christ that can fill their lives is honestly just my favorite thing ever!
If you haven't watched the Christmas video yet, you should! There are also 25 advent videos, one new video every day for Christmas with a little challenge how you can be more like the Savior. (:
Well, sorry this is short and not too descriptive of my week, but not a whole lot happened, except for finding, fallen appointments, tausch in Hannover, and HO HO ZOKO in Hamburg.
I love you all sooooo much! I cant wait to Skype in just a few short weeks (:
Bis dann! Aufwiedersehen!!
Sister Leavitt


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