November 21, 2016




Sister Alton

Haaaaapy winter

Haaaaapy winter everyone, If you live in Arizona I'm sure you haven't noticed but its pretty cold here so its exciting. This week was a really good one! Sooo I'll just cut to the chase.

Monday of course was p-day, but later that night we went with an investigator, Antje, to the YSA Monday night activity! We meet up with all the young single adults and went to Wunder Waffel ( wonder waffle for those of you who do not speak the German tongue). Yes we ate waffles and it was wonderful. She got along really well with a member named Manuel. Antje is 7th Day Adventist and Manuel is a former Jehovah Witness, so they had a real good discussion about the Bible. Afterwards we had a spiritual thought by Mattias, our ward mission leader about how life is like a waffle. Hahah cute huh?

Tuesday we had district meeting and then spent some time with the American mom in our ward, Sister Frehner, making stuff for the THANKSGIVING DINNER the next day. Ohhh man it was so weird to talk in English haha, and I realized its not very pretty anymore.. Ha.

Wednesday we had our relief society thanksgiving dinner!! Oh my gosh, sister Alton and I were freaking out all day because we were so excited. It really is the little things you miss hahah. We were recruited to make the pumpkin pie and it turned out pretty decent, considering Germany doesn't have American baking supplies... It was rough. But it turned out really well and a YSA, Becky, brought a non member friend named Ella! We got to talk to Ella a lot about what we do here as missionaries. We had a really good, long conversation with her. She didn't agree to take the lessons, but the Lord always works in mysterious ways.

Thursday! So something that we decided to start doing was calling members in the ward and asking them to pray for our investigators and appointments. First: so I can get to know them all and second: to help them build concern for the investigators and naturally want to follow up with how it went and get them more involved! So we called a few members and asked them to pray for our lesson with Innocent.

Friday was our lesson with Innocent! We decided to go through the baptismal questions. It was a really good lesson but we felt that he isn't quite ready for baptism. Africans are hard to teach because of their culture. They love God and the word of God but helping them actually have a testimony of the restored church is a little harder. At first we were really bummed because we went in wanting to set a concrete baptismal date...and that didn't happen. But the more we thought about it during the day the more we realized that the prayers of our members helped! We were not able to do what WE wanted, but we did want the LORD wanted. We learned some vital information to know how we can now move forward and specifically how to help Innocent with what he actually needs. That's always how things work right? We pray for something specific and always expect to receive an answer that we specifically want. But THANKFULLY that's not how our Father in Heaven works! We didn't set a baptismal date but that's not what he needed at that time and place.

Saturday was exciting/interesting. We went with Manuel to Antje's 7th day Adventist church. She made a deal with us that she would come to our church, when we come to her church. So, off we went...Manuel, Sister Alton and I. It's always very interesting to see how other churches are. Everyone was very nice and friendly, but without the spirit, the Book of Mormon, sacrament, or priesthood leadership, the feeling was completely different. Being born in the church, sometimes its easy to take little things for granted. But seeing/being there was an eye opener on one: What they actually believe, and two: how grateful I am to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life.

Sunday a young men in our ward got set apart for his mission. The whole day I was thinking about the day I got set apart. It seems like so long ago! Its crazy really. Anyways, looking back I cant help but be so thankful for the push Heavenly Father gave me to go on a mission. I have learned things about the gospel, and myself, that I couldn't have learned anywhere else. I look back and all I think of is how grateful I am! Ahhhh man, the Gospel really is the coolest.
For second hour, the missionaries taught the investigator class. It's really funny being in the big melting pot of Germany because we had a people who spoke French, English, Arabic, and German....all in one room! Haha, it gets pretty tricky, but its cool to literally see the gathering of Israel from all corners of the earth.

Well, that's all I have time for today. Christmas is very very near and I couldn't be happier! The town is starting to be covered in Christmas trees and lights and I LOVE it! As typical as this is, don't forget the real reason for Christmas, and what our real gift is.HE is our gift. Share the happiness and joy! (:

Bis aufwiedersehen! I love you all, and I wish you the very best wintery week (:


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