October 31, 2016




Sister Mogensen

I Got the birthday letter!!

I Got the birthday letter!! And it didn't get lost before transfers haha. Thank you! I love the card, its sitting on my desk and I read it and feel so lucky for such a wonderful family. I definitely am just like my mama, I've been so sad that I only have one more week as a teenager!! I remember you telling me that you cried when you turned 20 Because you would never be a teenager again. It was a great adventure, but I'm sure the 20's have many more adventures to offer :p

We received another referral about Marie! The referral was from her host sister who lives in New Mexico. It said that Marie took her family to see the temple, she has a BOM, and loved going to church in America. Anyways we have been trying to contact her and her family. We have called, emailed, even went to her house but we STILL haven't been able to get a hold of her. Ughhh hah just keep her and her family in your prayers. :)
Transfers are next week! I don't know whats going to happen, I'll most likely stay but you never know :p We get transfer calls on Saturday. I guess we will see what happens. I've spent half of my mission in the same Area of the mission hah. We had pfahl konferenz (stake conference) this weekend, which includes Gera,Werdau, Hohenstein, Leipzig, Nordhausen, Erfurt, Halle, Zwickau, and a few others. But I pretty much knew almost everyone there hahaha. That's what happens when you're in the same stake for 9 months :p it was cool though! I got to see all my old wards and some people I taught who are now baptized, and of course Lucy from Gera, and it was in Leipzig! So I got to be back in Leipzig for 2 days ha! It was fun. They had a stake primary song and it was soooo cute! Not the best picture sorry. I felt like I was back in an American ward again because babies were screaming and it wasn't just me and 10 other people singing the hymns. We had an area 70 visiting from London, so he was speaking English.
How are Logan and Shalayne? Are they back in Arizona yet? Or are they still in Missouri?
Did you ask Mission President when my release date is? I think its the end of July. I heard that BYU has opened its application all the way until 2018. Not exactly sure when I'm supposed to apply if I want to go in the Winter semester after I'm done with MCC. But yeah that's not so important right now but maybe you could look into it for me.
Halloween is more of an American thing. It's really sad because I love Halloween. The Germans know October 31 more as Reformation day, and not Halloween.
But as an American, the closest to Halloween that I got this year was my companion being weird and dressing up as a nerd for 2 minutes. Haha she's crazy.

There is starting to be Christmas stuff everywhere now!! In all the stores and everything. The Christmas markts don't go up until the end of November, which I'm really excited for. There are a ton of advent calendars and Christmas cards, and little Christmas things everywhere! Is there anything specific I should buy for you guys? I am waiting for the Christmas markets to look for Christmas ornaments.
Now all we need is SNOW and it will be a wonderful Christmas wonderland hehe :). I hear that it doesn't snow very often where I am, in middle of Germany, which is pretty sad, but I'm hoping I'll maybe be in the west or north for Christmas :p

Well, not much else to say, other than I love you guys! Proud of my daddy, giving talks and singing and getting a new calling! You're awesome dad, I love you!
I'll put all the missionary adventures in my group email like always. I read a scripture this week that is now one of my favorites, and I'll share it with you because you are my favorite people, so it only makes sense. It's psalms 27:14 "Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord".
Aufwiedersehen! :)
Xoxo sister Aubrey Leavitt


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