October 24, 2016




Sister Mogensen

Happy Monday Arizona!

Happy Monday Arizona! Or where ever else you are....

Ahhh, I can't remember hardly anything that happened this week, but hopefully I can write something worthwhile.

The Frenzels. Oh man, the Frenzels. We have seen them progress slowly but surely since being here. Since starting to think and prepare for baptism, Satan has been working really hard on them. Our lesson on Monday was a little rough. We went over and we could tell right away that something was off. We tried to teach a lesson but all they wanted to do was argue and talk over us. We told them that the spirit wasn't here and that we don't teach without the spirit, so we said a prayer and left.
We visited them later in the week and they said that they noticed a difference between last lesson and that we were right, the spirit wasn't there. The following lessons were a lot better and they kept their commitment to say a prayer before reading in the scriptures on their own. When we got here, they had never prayed before or read very often in the Book of Mormon. We have helped then since to do both things, but now were working on putting them together.
We arn't really sure what to do. We know and they know baptism is the next step, but helping them make that leap of faith has been tricky.

We had to dropped a few people this week due to lack of commitment keeping.
Its definitely been a frustrating week because we work so hard and really try our hardest. Sometimes it's hard not to ask "What am I doing wrong?" when we don't see success come out of our efforts. But I think instead of asking that question, we can ask " What more can I do?". In D&C it says: "Say nothing but repentance unto this generation; keep my commandments, and assist to bring forth my work, according to my commandments, and you shall be blessed."
I read this scripture this morning and thought it fit perfectly to this week. Missionary work is hard, and we may not see immediate fruits of our labors, BUT as long as we stay faithful to the commandments of God, do all that he asks of us, and continually try to bring about his work, he will bless us!! Probably more than we can even imagine. :)

We got a few referrals this week and so most of our week was taking trains to go find them! It's always an adventure when you take the trains :p. We got poured on most of the days, mostly because we always forget to bring an umbrella (hahah) but all in all, we learned a lot, walked a lot, took a lot of pictures, and laughed a lot!

So I'll keep this email pretty short but I'll just add a little quote that I found this week that I really like! It says: " When life gets hard, remember that you are making memories so make them meaningful as well as beautiful!" . AAAAAMEN, and aufwiedersehen!

Love, Sister Leavitt


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