October 17, 2016




Sister Mogensen

WOAHHH OH, were half way thereeeee!

Guten Tag!
Im going to keep this one super short this week, but ill share a few crazy, weird, exciting, typical mission life things that happened.

The Frenzels are doing amazing. Herr Frenzel in particular. He is reading so much, praying so much, and learning so much. We invited them to be baptized on Novemeber 5, ( and no not because thats my birthday, but i mean that would make the best present ever) but Frau Frenzel said no, mainly because she cant give up smoking and Herr Frenzel said "ill try". We are going to work with them and hopefully set a concrete date for them both, and help them both get there.

Beate Trenkler from Werdau got baptized on Saturday! Incase you don't know who that is, she is the wife of Peter Trenkler that was baptized in Werdau when sister Jackson and i first got there! We were teaching her along with her husband. Ahhhh i love them so much! I got to skype in for the baptismal service and it was beautiful :)

We went to lunch with the Frenzels at the hospital (their choice :p) and decided to get a nice meal of chicken and potatoes. It was so good and tasty and then we realized that it wasn't actually chicken we were eating..... It was.....Kaninchen. For those of you who dont speak german, that sadly means rabbit. RABBIT!?! I almost cried. So sad hahaha. But apparently its super healthy and i can now cross "eating rabbit" from my life bucket list? :p

We got a referral from the Frenzels who wanted a book of mormon. (P.s they are also the best missionaries ever!) We went to Ilfeld where he lives and got to take the HSB train, which is like the old historical train. It was super cool!! I felt like i was in harry potter or something. Ilefeld is a dorf and is soooo beautiful! All the leaves are different colors and falling, and i was freaking out the whole time because it was so pretty.
We found the guy and tried to talk to him but his wife also come out and told us to go away so that was a bummer. But we did some klingeling before we left. We think the Jehovah witnesses had been there not to long ago because almost everyone we klingeled thought we were the Jehovah witnesses. We had a nice little streak going on of people who would answer the door and say " ah, the Jehovah's witnesses!!" 😑

We had Zone training meeting this week, and sister Mogensen and i gave a lesson on "white washing" (taking both missionaries in the companionship out of the area and replacing them with 2 new missionaries). This is my second time white washing an area and there are 5 other areas in our district that were white washed. So we gave some pointers and ideas on how to successfully white white. It was awesome to be able to bare my testimony at the end about how hard it can be, and how much work foes into it without seeing immediate results, BUT Heavenly Father calls missionaries to specific areas. If we do all we can with all that we are given, and then cleave to God, he will not forsake us. He will help us, comfort us, and carry us. He HAS helped me , comforted me, and carried me!

Thursday is my half way mark and 1 year mark of getting my call! Im learning more and more everyday what a extraordinary gift The Gospel is! Im so thankful for wonderful parents, teachers and leaders who taught me the Gospel. Im thankful for the push God gave me to go on a mission. I would try and explain in words to you all what I've learned, how ive changed and grown, but there are no words to describe it.
Ill finish with a quote from General Conference: " The Joy we feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives, and everything to do with the Focus of our lives" -Russell M. Nelson

Aufwiedersehen my beautiful, wonderful, fantastic family and friends!

Xoxo Sister Leavitt


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