September 19, 2016




Sister Mogensen



Well, this week honestly just flew by and its quite honestly a blur in my mind. But we had some pretty cool things happen this week! Letsssss begin!

So, Tuesday we tried to go by a bunch of people, contacts, and less actives but that was a dead end. Gave out a few pass along cards and what not, but not too much exciting that you could all care to hear about :p

Thursday, we had a lot of less actives that we wanted to go by again, so we got ready, packed our things up and headed out. We decided to stop by a random apartment door with a bunch of kids shoes outside and met a young mother named Louise. We shared with her the importance of the family and she said we could come back and talk to her and her husband!! The very first person we knocked into, so that was cool!
Hopefully we can meet with her this week :) After that we walked by some people moving their things into a moving truck and asked if we could help! They were really surprised and were happy to have our help. There was a bunch of students from different foreign countries moving, and they lived on the 7th floor of the building. So yeah that was a good workout. My legs were dead by the end of that day but that's besides the point. We met some really cool people! Solida from Cambodia, Anna from Spain, a few girls from Vietnam and Florian, who was actually German. We talked to Florian for a while about what were doing here and what not and he asked us a ton of questions. He thought it was so cool that we would just be so willing to help random people move because " people don't help anyone else here in Germany". Haha :p. We were there for a few hours hauling things up and down and teaching the Gospel...through actions!!

We had a lesson with Tobias on Friday. We taught the first lesson and it was super super good!! He agreed with everything we were saying and the spirit was there. We got to the end and asked him if he would read the Book of Mormon and find out for himself if it's true...... And he frankly said "No". He came up with a bunch of reasons why he wouldn't take it or read it. He said that his entire goal in life is to be guilt free of anything and not be accountable for anything, so if he took the book he would be held accountable to read it.....Sister Mogensen and I got the impression that he knew what we were saying could quite possibly be true, but is too scared to change. Therefore he was scarred to be committed to anything and then find out it is actually true and feel guilty for not changing.
Long story short, he wouldn't take the Book of Mormon, the pamphlet, or even the card with a church website on it. We made another appointment, but we will see what happens. It's so frustrating knowing what can make people happy, and yet they don't what it. Ughhhh free agency :p So if you could keep this fella in your prayers that he will open his heart, that would be splendid!!

After our lesson we had about 20 minutes to pack, run to the train station and catch our train to GERA!! So we ran frantically but we made it on time. Blessing of being a missionary, you always make it to everything perfectly on time. We stayed the night with the Gera sisters and then all went to Jena in the morning for a service project. It was suuuper weird to be back in Gera. In Jena, we helped paint the inside of a huge kindergarten. Made me nostalgic for my sunrise preschool days! It was a good/ long day.

Well, my times a runnin short so I'm just going to leave my testimony that God knows his children. As missionaries its hard to teach people and know what can help them and watch them not accept it. BUT, Heavenly Father will never leave us alone. Whether it's the investigator, or the missionaries teaching. He will always help us know how to move his work along, just on his own time table. Our job is to remain faithful, diligent, and never forget just how much he has in store for us and those we teach.

I love you all my Arizona people! Bis nechste woche :)
PS. Here is a picture of us in the newspaper! I don't know if you can read the german but its titled" 2 mormons with a heavenly mission" haha its pretty cool. I will send you a newspaper copy so you can see it and try to decipher it.. Good german practice hehe.
I also got a german drivers license this week!! Cool huh? Its good for 30 years, but i had to exchange it for my american one :( so sad.


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