September 5, 2016




Sister Mogensen

Miracle Mania.

Dang, this week was amazing! Happy birthday shout out to my big brother. You're an old man now. Okay Lets get started shall we? Ahem, So Tuesday we had a "on a whim" lesson with the Frenzels! I don't know why this always happens but we had to hike through the forest again to get there. I'm a pro at hiking mountain bike trails in missionary attire now...
The Frenzels are seriously awesome. They are the stereotypical old married couple. They didn't keep their commitment to pray. Herr Frenzel said its because "he doesn't know what to say". He said he has nothing to be thankful for so he doesn't know what to say in his prayers. His wife just looked at him and said "uhhhh.. Our marriage???" Sister Mogensen and I write down some of the hilarious stuff they say in the lesson. Our favorite this time was when Herr Frenzel said:" How come I don't have a motorboat, or an airplane?" And his wife just looked at him and said:"Where would you put it??" We helped him make a thankful list of all the wonderful things God has blessed him with. They have already had really awesome spiritual experiences but think they need to see God himself or an angel to fully believe.

Thursday was a super amazing day! The night before we had planned on going to a certain neighborhood to klingel all day but in the morning we said a prayer as a companionship to know where exactly we were needed that day. After we prayed about it I looked at the map on our wall and a tiny dorf (village) named Bielen popped out to me. Soooo to Bielen we went. It was an hour walk outside of Norshausen just to get there, but we brought a lot of snacks and walked to Bielen. Its a super tiny village but we knew someone needed us there and we weren't going to leave until we found them... Or until it got dark. Soo we klingeled just about everyone. We talked to a lot of people but surprise, surprise, no one was interested. We had been there all day klingeling and it was starting to get dark. There was 2 more houses left and we were full of faith that one of them would let us in. We both felt prompted to come to Bielen and were almost positive that we would find someone. Those 2 houses were a no go.... I was getting pretty irritated that we hadn't found a single person with interest all day. As we started out walking back home we saw one more man walking towards us into Bielen. We decided to stop and talk to him. His name was Tobias and he already knew a little about the church. We had an hour conversation about God and personal revelation and a bunch of other stuff he wanted to know. He agreed to meet again!!! WE FOUND OUR ONE PERSON!! We had been in Bielen for hours and the very last person we talked to had interest. Now I could share a million lessons about this story, but ultimately the lesson I learned was that God always wants us to show a little faith and works before he will show us miracles. We could have left hours before, or not stopped to talk to just one more person, or given up faith that there was no real reason to walk an hour to this tiny Dorf, but then we wouldn't have given our whole might mind and strength for His work. We are meeting with Tobias again today!

Saturday was the Freiberg Temple cultural celebration! We hooked up a laptop to the projector and invited a bunch of ward members and investigators to come watch it with us. A lady showed up named Annerose who was a previous investigator. We had gone by her a few weeks ago and she said she didn't have interest. So we were surprised when we asked her who she was! I don't know how she knew about it, but we got to know her, she enjoyed the cultural celebration and gave us her number and said to come back this week! The Frenzels also came!
They brought their son Phillip. We had no idea they were bringing him so it was super super awesome to see them doing some missionary work
;) The Frenzels called us today and said that their son really liked it and he read in The book of Mormon they gave him and wants to meet with us! Like what???? 2 people randomly show up at a tiny activity and want to start meeting!

As usual we spent a lot of time finding. The finding adventures get weirder and weirder. Some of my personal favorites: having an old man open the door completely naked... I tried so hard to get the words "Would you like to hear a message about Jesus Christ?" out. Europeans man.
We klingled a lady and said " We have a special message about Jesus Christ" and she replied " I have a special message for you... GO AWAY"
hahahah that was a 10 pointer. A man told us that he doesn't believe in God, only money. And of course meeting the friendly refugees and trying to explain why they can't have our facebook or whatsapp info..... Haha.

Sunday was the Freiberg temple re dedication! We drove to Erfurt with the Kerings from our ward. They are from Hungary and sooo so amazing!
Uchtdorf and Bednar were there to dedicate it. It was really cool to watch a dedication all in German and understand everything! Yes, even Bednar spoke German. It was really funny because Uchtdorf was having a hard time speaking German, he keep accidentally saying English words and then would have to correct himself in German. It was so so amazing. At one point it started to storm really hard and the connection was lost, but turned on right before the Hosanna shout. I love being able to be right in the midst of all the Freiberg temple stuff! It always reminds me how much of a miracle it is to be a missionary here in East Germany. 30 years early missionaries wern't even permitted to be here in a communist country. Germany Berlin Mission is by far the coolest mission ever ;) And I'm so grateful to be here in East Germany helping Heavenly Father with his work.
Welp that's all the time I got! Until next week meine lieblings!!

Xoxo Sister Leavitt


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