August 8, 2016




Sister Mogensen

Hello nordhausen!

Achh mensch,
This was so so crazy yet so wunderbar!

Tuesday was my last day in the lovely Leipzig. My time there was short buttttt it now owns a little piece of my heart. Tuesday was transfer day, so as always it was pretty crazy trying to pack up all my stuff and take all my pictures down that I just put up..... So weird :p My new companion sister Mogensen (pronounced with a silent G) came all the way from Hamburg so it took 6 hours to get here. We met here at the Leipzig train station and then hopped on a train to Nordhausen!!
It was a few hours trip but we finally made it. Anddddd Nordhausen is absolutely beautiful! It's a small little town, probably smaller than Gera, and its super quite, clean and everyone is pretty friendly.

Wednesday was pretty much a maintenance day. The last people to live in our apartment were a senior missionary couple, so we kinda had to liven the place up a little. We also met with one of the members in our "ward" named Sister Klee! We ate and talked and got to know her a little. She is super super sweet and super loving! Agh I love all the members in Germany. Theeeenn we had to get on another train and head to Berlin that night. It was a pretty crazy day trying to find someone to overnight with and trying to buy our super expensive tickets, not having any money, trying to pack an overnight bag and so on. We had about a 5 hour train ride to Berlin train station... Gross. Anywho, we got there and tried to find another train to take us to Spandau because we were trying to overnight with the Spandau sisters (aka Sis Daines, my lovely MTC comp woop woop). Long story short we couldn't find a single train that late at night to take us to where we wanted. But we finally made it to the Spandau sisters apartment at 10:00 pm :p.

Thursday we had a mission tour with Elder Charles of the 70. Our mission is so big so we only had the East half there on Thursday.
Elder Charles and his wife live in England and have the coolest stories and accents. It was a 7 hour meeting where they talked about a lot of really awesome things. They talked about how we can become better individually and as a mission. It was so spiritually uplifting and I am super grateful for him and his wife! I have a lot of things that I want to share but it would take forever to write. It was a really really good day. Not to mention I got to see my favorite MTC people :) We got on a train back to Nordhausen right after and to say the least I now hate trains. We had a bunch more problems and ended up getting home at about 12:00 pm.... We were wiped by the time we got home to say the least.

Anywho, because we are opening up a program here, there is a lot of work to do. We got put here without any people to teach, a super old out dated area book, and no numbers in our phone. So, we have spent all our free time (which is a lot) just trying to find people to teach. We have already walked this entire area and just talked to every single person possible. We have talked to a college student named Marvin and told him a little bit about the Book of Mormon. We made out an appointment for Monday (today) and taught him the first lesson. He doesn't believe in God but found our message interesting and wanted to read the Book of Mormon. Yayayaya! We are so excited to finally have at least one person to teach! Hopefully, prayerfully he can feel the truth and the power that comes from the Book of Mormon and wants to keep learning. Prayers would be much appreciated ;)

As I said, Nordhausen is tiny so there aren't many members. I heard it was a pretty small ward but when we went to church on Sunday I was surprised to find out there were only about 10 members. Technically they aren't a ward or even a branch. They are too small to be called a branch so they are a "group". It's so crazy! They are all sooo loving!
We walked into church and they all about cried because they were so happy to finally get missionaries in Nordhausen, especially sisters.
They keep saying "We are so happy to finally have sisters!!" We are the first sister to be in Nordhausen so the ward is going crazy.
Sunday was so very different than any ward I've ever been too with how small it is, but at the same time the spirit was exactly the same. Our church is only 2 hours because we are so small, and afterwards they surprised Sister Mogensen and I with a "welcome to Nordhausen" ward lunch. They made us roladen, klüße and rot kohl. Ohhhh meine gute, German food is seriously the best food. Most of the ward is older ladies so naturally they were talking about who gets to inherit what when they die.... Haha oh man :p

I'm running out of time and have so much more to say, but that's all I'll write for now. I'm so happy to be here in Nordhausen! I love that we get to do so much work here and build up this program from scratch. I love the gospel and getting to share it with sooo many people every day. I love you all! Bis nechste woche :)


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