August 1, 2016




Sister Gines

Goodbye Leipzig....... ):

Happy August!

As always this week was an adventure! But wonderful as always. I mean besides the whole surprise transfer call. Yes yes I know. Shortest transfer in history. So... All the sisters in the mission got there transfer calls 2 weeks early because President wanted all the sisters settled in their new areas before the temple open house, to save lots of trouble. Anywho long story short I got TRANSFERRED to Nordhausen. I always think transfer calls cant get any more surprising but yet the do! There are no missionaries there, so me and my new companion will be opening a program there!! Talk about lots of work. We pretty much get to build up a program there from scratch, so this will be interesting :p Also, I'm keeping on my streak of a new companion every transfer! This will be my 8th companion :P President says she speaks really good German so I'm excited! Ill have a lot to learn from her.

I love Leipzig so much and I'm so sad to be leaving this beautiful city and all our wonderful people! But I'm always ready for a new adventure :)

Speaking of our wonderful people, we had a super super awesome lesson with Frau Bishof this week! We taught about tithing, and had the bishop there. She took it all in really well and we committed her to follow the law of the tithe when she is baptized. She has had all the missionary lessons now, and comes to church every Sunday and always keeps her commitments and we had been trying to figure out what is holding her back from being baptized. At the end of our lesson with her, bishop asked her " Why are you meeting with the missionaries? What do you get out of it?" He took the thoughts right out of our heads, we just didn't think about straight up asking...That's why I love Germans. They are so straight forward. Anyways, She said that she has been to a lot of other churches and services, but there is a special feeling about ours. (: Stimmt.
Frau Bishof was a self referral only about 3 months ago and she was atheist before. She has made so much progress, just in the short 4 weeks I've been here. I have so much love for her! I know that it truly comes from our Father above. I have said this before, but I can't even fathom how much our Heavenly Father loves us, and I'm so astonished at the little tiny portion of love he gives me for his children who are seeking him.
We have a few new converts that we are working with right now. Rene B and Rene T haha.
Rene B, he has been a member for about 6 months. We talked about family history and the temple! The temple open house is an amazing opportunity right now, because we get to teach about the temple to EVERYONE we meet with. He didn't know very much about why we have the temple, so we talked a little bit about baptism for the dead and stuff like that. As a mission our focus is the temple. President Fingerle talks a lot about how we shouldn't focus only on finding people to baptize, but focusing on getting everyone to the temple. Before my mission the Stake President encouraged me to go to the temple every week up until I leave. So for 2 and a half months, I got to go every Saturday. I'm so grateful for that, because my testimony of the temple is so strong. I could fill up 10 whole pages with how much the temple has influenced my life, but I'll spare you, for this week :P

This week was full of a lot of fallen out appointments, going by on less actives and just trying to find people to teach. It's hard, even in a big area like Leipzig, to find people who have interest. But God promises us that we have a job to gather in his elect, so I'm not giving up hope that people are out there waiting to hear this amazing message!

Anyways, I love you all and am so grateful for all the support every week.
I'll talk to you next week.....from Nordhausen!
Sister Leavitt


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