July 18, 2016




Sister Daines


Hallo once again!

I'll try and start this one without commenting on how fast time goes by.
I'm in Germany and becoming more German by the second so let's make this straight forward and to the point.
Leipzig is total wunderbar.

This week didn't go as planned AT ALL but hey missions are weird like that.

On Tuesday we had an eating appointment with a family in our ward named the Wächtlers! They were pretty much the cutest family probably ever. Sister Gines and I are both pretty new in Leipzig so we both don't know very many ward members and neither of us knew this family.
The wife actually studied at BYU so she knows English and the husband is an English teacher. They have two little kids. A crazy little 1 year old and a 3 year old. They speak English to their kids at home so it was super weird that I knew EXACTLY what they were saying 100% of the time, hahah. I have forgotten what that feels like. Anywho, we shared a message about writing 2 small miracles in a journal every day, and when we do that we will see more abundantly that God's hand is in all the small details of our life every day. When we take the time to think about the question "Have I seen the hand of the Lord in my life today?" we start to see little miracles that we wouldn't have noticed before. Turns out that they have a journal where they've written what happened that day, every day for 5 years!!! They really taught me that night and not the other way around. I'm the worst journal writer but the wife shared that she can go back and read what happened the year before or 2 years before and see just how much the lord has blessed her since then. It was really, really cool to see and hear that little testimony from them.

We had a lesson with Tina on Tuesday night. She is a verrry verry interesting lady haha. We tried to teach the first lesson but since we were in the park, it was very distracting. She's from Italy but she's married to a German so she knows German and English. Sometimes I forget some words in English so I say them in German and vice versa.
But apparently my German accent "sounds like Hitlers." Still trying to figure that one out. Anywho, we committed her to read from the Book of Mormon and made another appointment :) We met her again on Sunday and taught her some more. It was a way better lesson and not so distracting. She had read in the book of Mormon a little but didn't understand it. So we went through and explained where the book comes from, what it's all about, and why we have it. We read the first chapter of 1 Nephi and broke it down verse by verse and explained what everything meant so she could understand.
My testimony of The Book of Mormon was really strengthened that day.
When I bore her my testimony at the end of the lesson all I said was "I know this book comes from God" and then I felt the spirit so strong and almost started to cry because the words I said were genuine. They weren't me trying to be a robot missionary and say things I think people would want to hear. I really truly know and believe the Book of Mormon to be true.
When Tina said the closing pray she said " Thank you for my sisters that are teaching me" and I felt the spirit so strong again. I felt so much love for her in that moment!! Ahh man, I can't even imagine how much Heavenly Father loves her and us.

Every Thursday we have a street display. I talked to a man who said the only thing he knew about Mormons is that we have a lot of wives..... Well alright.
We also had a really good conversation about the church and that was super cool!!
He didn't believe in an afterlife or that we have a purpose on this earth. I got to explain what we know as members and bear testimony of it.
We met with 2 guys named Schwan and Hemin on Thursday from Iraq. They speak Kurdish and a little bit of English, haha. They were super awesome though! Schwan knew a lot of what things meant like prophet, the atonement, etc. We unfortunately aren't allowed to teach them anymore though because the live in a refugee home. But we definitely had a great time talking about his favorite movies which include:
Titanic, Ice Age, The Notebook, and Twilight... Hahaha what a guy.

Well that's about all I have time for. Thanks for all the emails and support liebe familie und freunden! Aufwiedersehen


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