July 4, 2016




Sister Jackson


Today is my favorite holiday, so I'm hoping everyone back home in America is celebrating real hard for me! I woke up put on my patriotic colors, and you bet your bottom dollar that Sister Jackson and I sang all 4 of the American songs in the hymn book for companion study. Tonight we plan on going with Lucy (the German new convert) to the only American burger place in a very wide mile radius, and possibly watch a video of some fireworks.

Anywho, on to the important stuff.......**transfer call drumroll**....

I am officially leaving my very first area of Gera and going to Leipzing! Woop woop!
I have spent the last 5 months here. I got trained here, broke through the greenie phase, had 4 different companions, met lots of amazing people, conquered white washing an area on top of the area we already had, had many discouraging moments, and learned so much here in Gera.
Leipzig is one of the bigger cities, with a little over half a million people. I'm very excited to leave Gera ( 95,000 people) and serve in Leipzig! My new companions name is Sister Dines! She has been out for only 2 transfers so again, it will be an adventure! (:

Our week this week was pretty superb if i must say so.
Tuesday we met with a man named Thomas Fuhrmann. We brought Lucy, and we went in thinking we were going to teach the first lesson. We got there, sat down, said a prayer and then he started talking about how he met the missionaries a few years ago, and told us about his family and some of the problems with his kids who are older. Suprise suprise, he's super German...which means that every time we tried to talk he would just say "moment bitte" which means moment please. We saw that he had a Book of Mormon sitting on his shelve so we tried to talk to him about it. He told us that he goes to work, comes home, watches soccer, and that's a good enough life for him. He sees no "need" for religion because hes comfortable in life. Lucy bore an amazing testimony about how much happier she is now that she found the church. AHHHH something I've learned since being on a mission is that listening is so important in teaching. Every time he would say something, I could think of a Gospel principle that could help better the situation or that related. Another thing I've learned is sometimes all you can do is bare your testimony, let the Spirit do its job, and then leave it to the person's free agency.

So, random story. We the Gera sisters have this super cool, old, traditional German, accordion sitting in our apartment. This accordion is rumored all through out the mission, and everyone is always trying to figure out who has it. Anyways, last week we get a phone call from our Zone leader Elder Greaves. He tells us that through out his mission he's been collecting traditional instruments ( yeah I don't know either) and he heard that we have this accordion.....and he wants it. He is going home this week, and he said that getting this accodion is the last thing on his check list to do before he leaves. He has asked for this thing every night for a week straight, and obviously we tell him no, because its freaking awesome and we want it.

Anywho, Wednesday we went to District meeting in Jena as always. Wednesday morning we decided that we would surprise Elder Greaves and give him the accordion. So, we get ready to go, grab the 20 pound accordion and walk through innenstadt ( the middle of the city) to get to our car....carrying this thing. Turns out its actually a pretty good finding tool, hahah. We had a few people stop us and ask us to play it.... Long story short, we give Elder Greaves our mission famous accordion to take back home to Arizona.

Saturday we went and visited a few ward members. We went and Saw Sister Barthel, this sweet old lady. She told us all the story of when she worked at the MTC, how she knew Uchtdorf when he was a boy, and when President Monson came over for dinner. No biggie. She told us about her baptism. She was baptized in the middle of December, in a river. They had to cut ice out of the river she she could have enough room to go under the water. She said that even though it was freezing, the minute she come up out of the water, she felt so warm.

Well liebe Familie und Freundin, I'm running out of time, and there's many more amazing things that happened. Missions are so awesome. We see so many miracles everyday, even here in tiny Gera, where no one wants to give you the time of day. When we talk to people, and they are tell us no, we simple look at our name tags, remember He is always with us, and keep pressing forward. That is a miracle in its self.

I wish you all a wonderful fourth of July weekend, and wunderschön woche! (:


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