June 13, 2016




Sister Jackson

Sunny with 75 % humidity

Guten tag leute,

This was a pretty great week if I do say so myself. Last Sunday Peter got baptized!!!! And this Sunday he got the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Not sure why our ward does it that way, but either way, it was a super super cool experience. We took over the Elders program in Werdau 4 days before Peter's baptism, so we've been working really close with him the past week. He's awesome, and his wife is so cute! I have only met her a few times but I have sooo much love for her! She has to be at the new convert lessons with us and Peter, so hopefully her heart will be opened to the message and lessons. She had a really good experience at Peter's baptism and wants to start coming to church!! Yayyyy.

Since we pretty much white washed Werdau, we are starting from scratch. Thaaaank you for updated area books! This week we have been going by a bunch of contacts and doing a lot of finding. Werdau is tiny, quiet, and hasn't really recovered from the wall being up. We walked around the entire town of Werdau trying to find people to talk to, and we saw a grand total of about 6 people in the 3 hours we were outside. Something that's pretty funny about Germans is that they always say they don't have any time. Everyone we talk to on the street just either keeps walking without acknowledging you, or says " keine zeit"......
Haha Germans, they are interesting, but gotta love them.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays we teach an English class. Wednesday is for beginners and Thursday is for advanced. Our Thursday class consists of just talking in English for an hour. That was pretty weird. I havent talked to people (besides my companion) in English for a loooong time. We talked about the history of Werdau, which is really really interesting. East Germany people have gone through some crazy stuff. One of the guys that comes is named Marcus, and he's been coming for 20 years. He told us that growing up in East Germany. A few things he remembers is not being able to eat bananas because they were a luxury in the east. He told us all about the uranium mines here in Werdau where the Germans would sell the uranium to Russia and the Russians would use it to make weapons, bombs and rockets, to destroy America... Pretty interesting stuff.

Not much else happened this week. This transfer is already half over which is crazy!! Times goes by faster and faster every week. I'm learning so much out here that I can't possible put into words. I'm so grateful for the gospel, and hope you all never forget how blessed you are, and who those blessings came from!!

Liebe große von Deutschland, Sister Leavitt


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