June 6, 2016




Sister Jackson

Transfer number three.

Transfers went good! My new companion is Sister Jackson. She has been out about 5 transfers, so finally someone older on the mission than me!! Woop woop, haha. She is from Midway, Utah. She's awesome! really easy going and funny. Sister Garnett and I took a train to Leipzig so she could pick up her trainee, then I met Sister Jackson in Freiberg, and then we came back to Gera. This week has been pretty busy now that we have Werdau too. We have been driving a lot back and forth because we haven't really figured out exactly what we are doing.
But, the baptism was good!! Pretty stressful. Both of the elders left who had been teaching him and getting his baptism together. Elder Oldroyd went to Elmshorn which is 6 and a half hours away, and bishop still wanted him to plan everything, so it made it really difficult to organize stuff. Sister Jackson and I both gave talks too, which also made it kind of stressful. Our ward mission leader originally planned on us giving talks, but bishop thought that it would be better if people in the ward gave talks, so that he would have more fellowship into the ward. So, 3 days before the baptism, Bishop told us that 2 ward members were giving the talks. And then the day before the baptism we got another call from bishop saying that our ward mission leader got mad that he changed the original program and still wanted us to talk....ugh stubborn Germans!! So we had about 2 hours to write a talk :P haha. His wife who isn't a member came and started crying during the musical number. She has to be at the lessons now since we can't be alone with just him, soooo that will be perfect (; Muahah.
Oh man, I heard it was super hot this week in Arizona!! I miss the heat... Its starting to get super super humid here. I don't like it at all. Bad hair day everyday... Also these garments don't really work so well in the heat, oh well.
Not much else exciting, love you all! have a great week (:


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