May 16, 2016




Sister Gunther


Montag: our district went to a Haribo factory! Not going to lie I was super excited about it.... There was all kinds of Haribo imaginable... I may or may not have diabetes from just looking at it all🍫 Thennn we got lunch at a Döner laden and had a picnic on some random patch of grass in the middle of this nowhere town haha. And if you don't know what a döner is, you're missing out. Seriously, you haven't experienced Germany until you've eaten a döner.
It was a crazy day running around from place to place and we didn't have any time to email last week, oops sorry my apologizes if you cried about it for a whole week :p We also had another eating appointment at the Krause family, and we brought Steve, hahaha. Bruder Krause is our ward mission leader and really wanted to meet Steve. It was really good for Steve! Bruder Krause was Evanglisch before he joined the church and he answered a lot of Steve's questions about how he converted and why and all that good missionary talk.

Tuesday: We had a lesson with Steve about the Temple! About 20 minutes before our lesson, Alex Krause called us (Bruder Krause's son) and asked if he could come with us to our appointment!! Seriously, wunder woche brings miracles. Crazy right?? We go weeks without any joint teaches and it was super super cool that he called us and actually wanted to come hah! Mission life, its seriously the best. So yeah, we talked about the temple and what a blessing it is and that it's the holiest place on earth and how strong you can feel the spirit, even just being on temple grounds. We are going to take a trip to Freiberg together and bring him to a temple tour!! We asked him when he knows the church is true if he'll be baptized and he said yes!!
Seriously, made my heart so happy. It's so cool to see how much Heavenly father is in the detail of our lives!
Missions are hard, but it's all worth it when you see someone coming closer to Christ and Heavenly Father. Nothing in the entire world compares to it, yes not even German chocolate.
We don't know how or when, but it's so cool to know that Steve WILL get an answer. That is promised to everyone who diligently seeks. 😊

Wednesday: We drove to Werdau for district meeting, and the drive to Werdau is seriously one of my favorite things ever. Its spring time and it has starting to warm up, so all the fields are covered in yellow flowers, for miles and miles all you see is yellow flowers. And if you know me at all, you know that the color yellow and the sun are my favorites, in the entire world. So naturally I just can't contain how much I love it here in Germany at the moment. Anyways, we had a lesson with Nikita, we had our first lesson with him last week, and not even going to lie it was a pretty terrible lesson ha, BUT this week we meet again and it was actually a really good lesson! He's 20 years old, and he was raised Orthodox. Okay, not entirely sure what they believe but he didn't know anything about God or Jesus Christ ( typical Germany :p ) Soooo of course we talked about the Godhead and how God is our literal father in heaven. He believes that " God is everything but isn't one person". He said that he thinks our church is either true or a lie and " he's going to find out which one it is" WHATTT, thuper duper cool :) He pretty much gave him self the commitment to read in the Book of Mormon, haha, and then we taught him how to pray and he said the closing prayer. Seriously, once you've been a missionary in Germany where the majority of the people don't believe in God, are stubborn, and not willing to pray out loud in public, you would know how much of a miracle that was!! Wowza, the church is true. Gods the coolest.
We also had a fireside at Bruder Krause's. We literally sat around his fireplace and someone gave a lesson, hahah, anddddd Steve came. We literally met with Steve 4/7 days this week. I mean I'm no mathematician but I'd say that adds up to pretty freaking awesomeness.
What better way to find out the church is true then to have lessons everyday with the missionaries? .
Lucy, a new convert came, and we all talked about Jesus Christ and what he means to us. It was realllllyyy really good! Bruder krause wanted to make the point that no matter what we look like, what we do, how we do it, how rich we are, as long as we follow Jesus Christ and his gospel and let him into our lives, we will find happiness. Pure simple happiness. 😃

Thursday: BERLINNNNN. We had to go to the American embassy ( fancy i know) to get Sister Günthers visa. Okayyyyy even though we had to wake up at 4:15am, take a 3 hour long train ride, and now Sister Günther is most likely leaving next week in the middle of the transfer, it was a pretty superb day. Seriously, I'm in the coolest mission ever. Sorry for anyone who isn't in this mission.
After we got her visa, we had a little time until our train back home came, sooooo of course we went sight seeing. We walked through some little outside stand things, and went and saw the Brandenbuger Tür! It was so cool to finally see it in person, after learning about all the history in school and only seeing pictures! Berlin is so beautiful! I also made friends with a professional ice hockey player from Canada while waiting to get Sister Günthers visa. 😎
On the train ride back, a little 4 year old sat next to me and we became best friends of course. She wanted to go through my bag and see if I had any cool stuff. So she started pulling out all my pamphlets and looking at all the pictures, pulled out my Book of Mormon and was looking at all the pages, and all my pass along cards. She pulled out a picture of Christ with all the little children and asked if it was my dad, hah I told her no, but it was my brother! In that moment I felt so much love from heavenly father for that little girl. We really all are children of God, and Jesus is our brother! No matter who you are, what you look like, or even how old we are. Seriously the cutest thing ever. That little experience made my heart so happy!! :) When we got back home to good ole Gera we had an eating appointment with Schwester Dörlitz! She's seriously like the awesome grandma for all the missionaries. She feeds us every week and is always doing so much for us. She told us that she loves when the missionaries come over because we bring a special spirit into her house, only a feeling that missionaries bring. She said when her home teacher or visit teachers come it isn't that same feeling. The power of a missionaries calling!!! Its real

Friday: We had another appointment with Steve. We talked about the commandments, and it was a reallllyyy good lesson, until he told us he's going to Bayern for 16 weeks......
Yup. We will see him one last time next week and then that will be the last time we teach him. The end of this week was a little rough but none the less I'm grateful for all the things I've learned because of it.

Sooo Sister Günther is most likely leaving this week to temple square, and one of the Hohenstein sisters is leaving to temple square as well, which means I'll be going to Hohenstein for a few weeks until the end of this transfer to be with sister Garnett! So next email will be from good ole Hohenstein.

I hope you all are enjoying that Arizona sun! Its freezing in Germany at the moment, so don't forget to count your blessings :p Have a beautiful, fun, superb, magnificent week my favorite humans!!

XO, Sister Leavitt


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