April 18, 2016




Sister Gunther

Aint no mountain high enough, aint no challenge hard enough

Wow, okay this week was an adventure! In the best way possible :P
Sooo, my new companion is Sister Günther! Shes from Frankfurt SO SHE SPEAKS GERMAN!! This is the Lords way of helping me learn the language faster, I'm sure of it. Anyways, she is actually called to the Salt Lake City Temple Square mission and she's serving in our mission untill she gets her visa. We have both been out for a grand total of 6 weeks.....So as you can imagine, its been quite the week for us both. But a great week none the less.
Sister Günther and I have already seen so many miracles, tender mercies, and had so many funny little moments together!
On Wednesday, we had our lesson with Steve. Yes, I talk about Steve in every email, but hes just the coolest. In our lesson with him we talked about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. He kind of has a hard time with Joseph Smith so we asked him why. He says that he thinks he is a good man and wrote a good book but he isn't sure if it actually comes from God. We read him a talk from Holland where he says " No good man would write such a book, and no bad man could write such a book." I think that really made sense to him. We asked him if he REALLY wants to know if its true, and he said he did! So we told him that he can know by reading everyday in the Book of Mormon! So he said that he would read every day (: yayyyy, we have a lesson with him tomorrow, so hopefully he has been reading and praying! But there's no doubt in my mind that he is. He always keeps his commitments and really has a desire to know for himself. I think Sister Günther will be really good for him. She can explain things so well and so simply. She's so loving and is really a good teacher. In the MTC they always tell you " you will cross path with people for a reason. There are no coincidences in missionary work". I really believe that's true. I met Steve my first week in Gera. I'm not the best teacher, and my German is terrible, but the Lord knows why we meet him my first week, and why Sister Günther needs to be here in Gera too. Missionary work is so cool, ah I love it so much!
So, as you know we have been going to Jena on Thursdays to help the Zone Leaders out. But this week we got a call from our STLTs and our Zone wanting us to come to Jena Thursday-Saturday and every other Sunday. So as 2 completely new greenies, we will have 2 areas, 2 wards, andddd not to mention have to work twice as hard to keep up with both Areas!
We went to Jena on Thursday and have been meeting with some of the inactive people, which is actually a miracle because the Elders haven't been able to meet them or teach them! We had 3 lessons with a few of the inactive sisters in the Jena ward. We meet with a Sister names Birgitta Toepfer. Man, was she interesting. She talked to us about how she doesn't know how she got baptized but it just sort of "happened" and how she cant understand how we as young people can be so happy and full of life when so many bad things are happening in the world. She is older so she has seen some pretty hard times here in Germany. But, we testified to her that even though we are only 19 years old, and we haven't experience many of the things people in Germany have experienced, but God loves us. He sent his son to this earth to die for us. Jesus Christ is perfect, and he knows perfectly how we feel. He knows how it feels to live in terrible times. He knows how it feels to have hard things happen to us, and he knows perfectly how to help us. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is for everyone and everything. He knows what it feels like when we stub our toe all the way up to how it feels to live in Germany during the war. That's why this Gospel is so important. I'm so grateful for the humbling opportunity I have to teach that to people! The gospel really is the most important thing for our happiness. (:
Ah, so since Sister Günther and I are both brand new and we are both terrified of finding! So we decided to set some goals to talk to people on the street. We had about 15 minutes before a appointment so we decided to go talk to at least a few people. We saw some lady sitting down and thought that we should talk to her. While we were walking towards her, 2 guys passed us. We said hi to them and one of them shouted " Heyyyy the Mormons!" haha. We were surprised and excited of course. We stopped to talk to them. Their names were Peter and Christopher. We talked for a little while and found out that Christopher had talked to the Elders a while ago on the street. They gave him a Book of Mormon but he said he lost it while he was moving. Soooo naturally I pulled one out and said he could have a new one, haha. He is atheist but wanted to come to church. I wrote my favorite scripture in the Book of Mormon and bore my testimony that this Book will bring so much joy into his life. He promised to read it!! Tender mercies.....
But. being the Greenies we are....we forgot to get his number....Total "The Best Two Years" moment.
But we have new missionary faith that he will call after he read it all.......trials of faith people...trails of faith.
Missions are awesome. The gospel is awesome. And you all are awesome. Thanks for the love and prayers I feel every week from everyone back home (:


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