April 11, 2016




Sister Bills

Transfer Calls!

WELLLLPP, 2 words: Transfer. Calls.
I'm officially done with my first transfer! Last night we got our transfer call, and Sister Bills and I freaked out a little. Okay more than a say the least, President threw us a huge curve ball. I'm staying here in Gera, but Sister Bills got transferred to Halle. We for sure thought she was staying because 1. She only has 1 transfer left and 2. I'm not done training!
My New companion got to the mission the same time as me, and we both still have 6 weeks left of training!! So, that means I have to take the ropes on Gera.....and it will be an adventure.....Lots of Prayers will be said this next transfer :P
Anyways, besides finding out that I´m being thrown 100 feet deep in the ocean of missionary work, This was a really cool week!
We had a street display this week! My very first street display. We drew the Plan of Salvation with chalk, had a table full of Book of Mormons and cookies (naturally) and a super cool picture of Jesus. Our theme was " Ich bin ein Kind Gottes" aka I am a child of God. It was really cool to be able to see all the people pass by. Not many people would let us stop and talk to them but knowing that everyone who looked at what we had displayed, had Christ on their mind, even for a second!
We met with Raymond again! Hes pretty much the coolest person ever. He's from Zimbabwe and loves talking about the Bible. Everyone he meets he refers them to us so we can talk about God with them. Its pretty awesome. We met with him this week and he always talks so much and has so many questions! This time he asked about prophets. He asked us " how can you know if someone is telling the truth when they prophesy of the end of the world?" We had to talk about prophets and how they are called of God, and that no one knows the time of the second coming. Haha, its always an interesting conversation with Raymond :p
We also saw Steve again, of course! Sister Bills and I don't have favorites...but if we did, it would be Steve.
Steve had a lot of questions this week about forgiveness, the Temple, and Prophets. He is reading in the Bible right now, and every time we see him, he comes with lists and lists of questions. For example :" Why does God have only good attributes and not any bad attributes? " "Why were people worshiping a Golden calf? and why a Golden Calf?" Or " How come 3000 people where killed for idol worshiping if God is loving and merciful?" He always throws us off with his questions haha, but he has this real desire to know truth. When he prays with us, its so humble and heartfelt! He told us this week that he doesn't know if Joseph Smith is a prophet or if The Book of Mormon comes from God. He says that he feels good when he reads the bible but not the Book of Mormon. We asked him if he was reading in the Book of Mormon, and he said no. We had to explain to him that you have to read The Book of Mormon to have a good feeling when you read it. We wrote down how to go watch Dieter F. Uchtdorfs talk online, he came to the next meeting saying he lost his paper, we wrote it down again, and got a text the next day saying he lost it again. Hahaha, Such a typical 19 year old boy.
We can see his faith growing more and more every time we meet with him. It's so awesome to see the Lord's hand in someones life. Heavenly Father really is aware of where we are and what we need. He loves us so much, and when we draw near unto him and have a desire to learn more, he will give us the answers we are looking for. I've seen that with Steve, and I know that God has been preparing him. His sitting down next to us in the Library my first week was no coincidence.
I love being a missionary. There is nothing like putting your entire life on hold to serve Heavenly Father and bring people unto Christ. Nothing compares to focusing and thinking about what others need to come closer to Jesus Christ every second of every day. Being here has really challenged my testimony. Everyday we get laughed at, looked at weird, told no, get ignored, and get pushed wayyy outside of our comfort zones, and if I didn't know with my whole heart that The Church of Jesus Christ was the true church, there would be no way I could make it through some of the hard things of being a missionary! Sweet is the work my friends (:

Have an amazing week! Love you all so much (:


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