March 28, 2016




Sister Bills

Happy Easter!

Okay, I hope everyone had an amazing Easter with their families! Easter really is such a special time to think about Christ and his love for us. And to eat a lot of candy of course! (:
This week was awesome! On Tuesday we had a relief Society party thing because of the anniversary of Relief Society. We as a companionship have been working this week on getting to know more of the members in our ward, so that was really awesome!
On Wednesday, we pretty much spent all day finding. Our teaching pool is slowly dying out so we are trying to find more people to teach! It was raining all day, so not many people were out and about and we were sort of discouraged about not having many people to teach. But while we were out trying to find, we got a call from our zone leaders. Apparently they are starting to learn Arabic, and they are taking a super intense language course and wont have as much time to be in their area, so they asked if we could come to Jena 2X a week and help out with their area! Kay, we are seriously so excited. First because, Gera is a retirement town with a lot of old people, and Jena is a college town. So it will be a nice change of pace :p Second, we will be teaching their investigators and also be able to find people!! Its the little tender Mercies in mission life :p

On Thursday, we had tausch. I think its called exchanges in English, honestly not even sure what's English and what's German anymore. Anyways we traveled to Halle where the Sister Training Leader is. We got to travel on a super cool train for 2 hours so that's exciting. Halle and the Halle sisters are the best. Halle is a bit bigger than Gera so it was really different. Apparently Handel was born their, and everyone in Halle thinks its the most spectacular thing. I mean, dont get me wrong, thats awesome, but Halle....they dwell on that fact haha! Everyone in Halle was super nice! It was so weird ha, but really good :P
Sister Menlove and Sister Daines are the sisters in Halle. I was so excited to go to Halle for tausch because Sister Daines was my MTC companion. It was seriously a nice little tender mercy to be able to see her again, and work with her again. Ahhh, MTC good times. Sister Menlove is our STL and shes is super super cool! Shes only been out about 6 months but her German is amazing...shes even traininng to learn Chinese right now. She isn't afraid to talk to anyone, and it was a good learning experience to be able to work with her for a day.
Another Miracle this week was meeting with Steve again! Last week he told us he wanted to stay in the Evangelich church, but we asked if we could meet with him again just to talk about it. We had a lesson with him on Thursday before we left for Halle. K, Steve is seriously so awesome. I feel like I'm in Gera so that we can teach Steve. We asked him why he decided to choose The Evangelisch church. He told us that he doesn't think Joseph Smith's story is true. We think he might had talked to his pastor, because he had a lot of strange ideas about Joseph Smith that we had to clarify. We can tell that Steve really is looking for truth. He really wants to know what church he should be baptized in. We talked to him about prayer and how he can find out for him self. We read a few scriptures about prayer and how we can have truth! By the end of the lesson, he said he would pray to know which is right.
He texted us a few days later wanting to meet again! So we have another Termin with him tomorrow. Its really amazing how we thought that that text we got last week was a disappointment, but I think it just shows us how we can better help him and what he needs.
Heavenly Father is so wonderful. It amazes me just how much he really does know each and everyone one of his children. I've only been a missionary for 3 months, but that's enough to have seen Heavenly Fathers love for all his children.
I'm so grateful for this Easter Sunday that we had. We didn't do a whole lot, but we had the amazing opportunity to go to Church and learn more about him. I love Easter because it gives us the opportunity to stop, pause, and really think about Jesus Christ and his Atonement. How awesome is that?? Here in Germany, Thursday-Monday are "Easter Holidays". I love that we have these days to be able to rejoice at the fact that Jesus Christ died for us so we can have peace, joy, and direction in not just this life, but after this life as well.
I wish you all a superb week! I love all of you, and thank you for your love and support you show me week!


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