March 21, 2016




Sister Bills

Keep calm and eat a lot of German candy

Hello my beautiful family and friends!

This week was Wunderwoche, and indeed a miracle week it was.
We had so many adventurous days, tender mercies happen, hard things happen, disappointments, laughter, but most of all miracles!!

I've learned this week that missions are hard. Oh my goodness are the hard. But more so, they are amazing. They stretch you, take you out of your comfort zone, teach you, and bless you.
This week, together with my companion, we saw so many miracles. One of the biggest miracles was having 9 sonstiges ( teaching appointments with an investigator), which was awesome because they haven't had that many in this area in a while. This week we meet with Steve! Who was our progressing investigator. Ah, he's awesome. I talked about him a little in my last email. we met with him a few times this week and he would come to every lesson with lists of written down questions. He started reading the Book of Mormon and said that he could start to feel that it was true. On Thursday, we were trying to decide what to teach him. We planned for him but nothing really seemed to feel exactly right. We planned to review the first lesson and answer his questions. During the lesson we listened to his questions and we felt that we should read 2 Nephi 11 with him, which pretty much talks about The gospel of Jesus Christ. We started out the lesson not really sure what he needed but we felt that we should focus on baptism. He told us that he was preparing for a baptism in the Evangelish church but now he wasn't quite sure if the Evangelish church was the right way. We totally didn't go into that lesson wanting to talk about baptism, but the spirit knew that's what he needed. We thought he was golden. We invited him to church and to General Conference and he said he would come!

So, you know how I said that a lot of hard things happened this week as well as miracles?
Well, we received a text from Steve on Sunday afternoon, right at the end of our Wunderwoche.
He told us that he decided he wanted to stay in the Evangelish Church and thanks for the Book of Mormon, but we could have it back if we wanted.

Although disappointments happen sometimes, we know that the Lord is aware of us and of Steve. He prepares his children, not us. Things don't always work out the exact way we want them too. BUT we can't get dissapointed. We saw so many other small miracles this week. Even little things like, meeting a nice lady on the Bahn willing to talk to us. Seriously, that's huge. No one likes to talk to strangers here, especially small talk, haha. Something that I find really funny about the culture here is, when we say hi to a passing stranger, they stop and ask " Do I know you?" Haha, ahhh the friendly missionary life.

Missions are seriously the best. Everyday is an adventure, and funny little things are always there to cheer us up, like
1. Buying 5 pounds of Italian bread....just so we could take a picture with it.
2. Praying in the middle of the mall and people think were are crazy weird people (:
3. Having to explain to Raymond that no, Joseph wasn't actually Jesus' real dad....
4. Finding the most amazing teeter-tater known to man kind.
5. Stalking someone down the street because we thought he was a previous investigator who won't answer his phone.

I'm learning so much everyday and know that this gospel is true. It gives me so much comfort. Even though I can't speak the language very well I finally know what people are saying when they talk to me in German, and we have about 50 pounds of German chocolate sitting in our apartment, and Easter is next week. What can I say? Life is good my friends (:

I hope you all have a wonderful week, and a superb Easter. The Church Easter video is awesome. You should watch it. Tschüss und bis montag (;

Love, Sister Leavitt


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