February 27, 2016


Mission Training Center


Sister Daines


Guten Morgan!!
So, this is my last email from the MTC! Im a little sad about that. I've learned to love my companions, district, and zone so much! But I also I'm very very excited for Deutschland!! Ahh, its so crazy, like I always say in my emails, time is a crazy vortex here. I will forever cherish my time and memories I've had here. I've learned so much about myself and the gospel while being here. I cant wait to see what the next 17 months teach me!
I can't remember what all happened when so I'll just add a few thoughts about what I learned this week! At our devotional this week we as a choir sang a Child's Prayer. The choir director got about 10 little kids to sing with us for Rosemary M. Wixom, the church primary president!
I learned that night that Heavenly Father feels the way we feel for little children, except magnified beyond comprehension. One of my favorite quotes from the Devotional was " The Atonement gives us peace and strength. Use it everyday, in every crevice of your life." Being a missionary is so awesome, because you get to dedicate every second of your day to studying the gospel and then teaching it to others. I loved this quote because sometimes life can be hard, missionary work can be hard, but the beauty of the Atonement is that Jesus Christ knows EXACTLY how you feel, and he knows EXACTLY how to help you. Anything thing we are struggling with, he knows how to help. Jesus Christ died for you so he could better understand your challenges. Take advantage of that and use the Atonement in every crevice of your life. And that is why I love being a missionary, to teach that to people!! Another quote from her I really loved was " We have lived in his house for years before we came to earth, and now we are striving to know him. When we pass through the veil, we will know him and his face". How amazing is that?? I know that Heavenly Father loves us because we are his actual children. Just like our earthly parents had us, our heavenly parents also had us. We are their literal children. Of course he wants us to return back to him, and prophets have testified that we WILL know him after this earth. Being on a mission has helped me see just how much we actually know him and how much he wants to help us.
So as a district we had a super cool experience! We had in-field training all day on Thursday and at 6 pm we finally headed back to our class for personal study and there were some people who come to the MTC who aren't members but want to learn more about the church, REAL LIFE INVESTIGATORS haha, super excited. Anyways, we had this girl named Doris come to our class by random just because she wanted to be taught by us. Super cool. Her name was Doris and she was from China. She told us that she doesn't know much about the Mormons but she wanted to come to Utah to be surrounded by our "positive energy". She said that in China they don't have much religion and everyone just kind of goes through life. She felt like there should be more to life than working, partying and then dying. So she came to Utah to learn more about the Mormon culture. Anyways, we were talking to her, and she was telling us this and she was the sweetest thing ever. We asked her how we can help her better understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She said she didn't understand why we don't drink wine, even just a little. As a district we taught her about The word of Wisdom, and we taught her about how much God loves her. We only got to teach her for about an hour but it was so cool. Being in the MTC you teach a lot but not to real investigators. I thought, "If this is what I get to do for the next 18 months, I couldn't be happier".
I'm very excited to fly out to Germany on Tuesday morning, bright and early at 3am :p
I know it will be hard, but God is with me and he will help his work come forth. I'm not fluent in German, but I hope my testimony will shine through my broken grammar :p
Ah, I jut love you all so much, and I know that the Gospel is for everyone. Thank you for all your love and support these past 6 weeks.

Ich leibe dich, die Kirche ist wahr, Gott leibt Sie, und das its alles!

Talk to you soon, from Germany (:

P.s sorry for the terrible spelling and grammar. I honestly don't know how to speak English anymore....hooray!


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