February 13, 2016


Mission Training Center


Sister Daines

When you focus on others, that's when the real power of missionary work comes.

This week went by super fast, this time thing is crazy here at the MTC!! I think we get our flight plans next week! I love the MTC but I cant wait to get to Deutschland (:
I can hardly remember what all happened this week but I'll try my hardest.
On Sunday, we had fast Sunday. As a companionship we decided to fast for better Companion study. And I personally wanted more understanding of the Scriptures. Since being in the MTC, my love for the scriptures has grown so much! We don't have much personal study time to just read for ourselves, because we are always thinking of what our investigators need. So when I get the chance to personal study, Icherish it. Anytime I feel discouraged, or overwhelmed, I read my scriptures and there is always something that I read that helps me. I have a testimony that any answer you need in life can come from the scriptures! Be receptive to the spirit, and it will teach you everything you need to know. On Monday, the only thing exciting that happened was Chick-fil-a day hahaha. My companion Sister Daines talked about it for the next 5 days...seriously, if you ate MTC food everyday, you'd understand.
I couldn't remember what all happened this week so I looked in my journal. On Tuesday, I'll share what I wrote: "Today I learned a great lesson. We taught our investigator Doris today. We were teaching and by the end of the lesson we were really frustrated and we couldn't say what we wanted to say and I didn't know enough to be a good missionary. After the lesson we talked with Sister Judd ( one of our teachers who pretends to be Doris) and why we felt so frustrated. She asked us how we thought our lesson went. We all answered things like " I dont know enough German" "I didn't know what to say" "I was nervous". She then told us that our problem was that we were only thinking of ourselves and our problems. We never even stopped to think about how an investigator might feel, or what Doris needed in that lesson."
I learned the hard way this week that my mission is not about me. Learning German is not about me. Nothing I do for the next 18 months is about me. It's about serving God and his children. It's about letting the Holy Ghost lead your lessons and discussions and what they need. That night we had a devotional by Edward Dube of the Seventy. And lo and behold, the topic was " Your missions aren't about you". Haha, sometimes I just have to laugh at how the Lord tries to teach us (: Edward Dube was an amazing speaking and something I really liked was when he talked about Moses and how inadequate he felt when God asked him to free his people. If Moses felt inadequate, I certainly without a doubt feel inadequate. The Lord told Moses that it wasn't his work he was called to do, it was the Lord's work. I think its the same for us. I didn't come here to be taught, I came here to teach. I'm doing the Lords work and I need to remember that wherever the Lord guides me, is where he wants me to be and what he wants me to do. I also really loved when Edward Dube said " More happiness awaits you as you labor among his children".
The days seem so long here, and the weeks feel so short. We learn so much everyday. We are stretched every day, and we have so much happiness and joy even though missionary work is hard.
Another cool thing this week was TRC! We taught a lady named Sister Adams. She is a convert and she was born in Hamburg. We taught her about Charity! It was really cool to see how strong her testimony was and she even started crying so obviously, we were all crying by her sweet spirit! I love the Gospel! What a blessing it is to be able to have it.
I cant remember anything else that happened this week, but everyday we Learn a lot and laugh a lot. My Companions are seriously the best! Sister Wayment and I have decided that we are the same person so its literally just a party all day long ha. My whole district is so loved and they get so many packages with just straight junk food. They make us all eat it because they have too much, so I'll probably be rolling off the plane when I get home because I'll be too fat to walk off hah :p My district is the best! The 2 Elders we have are so awesome. One joined the church about a year ago, and is so spiritual. They like to laugh at me because they say I'm so sassy all the time, haha.
Anyways, I love you all and pray for all of you daily (: Thanks for all your love and support!

3 things that you hear at the MTC part 2:
" I love it here, but I want to escape"
*4 elders farting and laughing in their room as we walk by*
"I prayed for Chik-fil-a and God heard my prayers"


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