February 6, 2016


Mission Training Center


Sister Daines

Never give up, Never give only a little, and never get so disappointed that Satan takes over.

Hello family and friends!
Its week 3 here at the great and marvelous MTC and I honestly don't know how that happened. It feels like I left Arizona yesterday! We are doing so much all day and learning so much that time just seems to fly by.
It was a really good week! Its been snowing almost everyday and it makes me so happy. I love the snowy Utah mountains, and everyone else just thinks I'm a crazy desert rat.
So this week we got 3 new investigators! They are really our teachers who pretend to be investigators and then we teach them, but it's still really cool! So this week we taught Doris, Werner, and Garhardt. Everyday we daily plan for what we feel that they need in their life and how they can come closer to Christ. We taught so many different lessons, and even though they aren't real investigators, we still can feel the spirit so strong when we teach and bear testimony of the things we teach. Our German is getting so much better, and I learn so much everyday. It amazing how much Heavenly Father will help you when you pray sincerely, and work your hardest. Sometimes is hard to teach the lessons because they are in German, and because we don't always know everything. We had a devotional this week by W. Craig Zwick of the Seventy. In it he said " Its not about me or my abilities, its about the Holy Ghost". We as imperfect people are and will be inadequate. We don't know everything, and even when we work our very hardest, it's still not perfect. However, we have a perfect God who can and will help us when we need it! Just like the story of the brother of Jared, the Lord will help us. In this story, the brother of Jared needed a way to illuminate his ship. He tried and tried and worked and worked on how he could do this. He carved out of a mountain 12 stones. When he tried all he could and worked as hard as he could, he took them to the Lord. He asked him to help him. Heavenly Father then touched the stones and made them glow. I love this story. I've come to learn that as missionaries, we cannot do this work alone. We need to take our challenges to the lord and see what he can do. In the devotional he also talked about how Jesus Christ can lift you above the roaring raging waters. I love being a missionary. I don't think I could say that enough. The other day I had someone ask me: "Do you ever regret coming on a mission?" and I sincerely told them no!! I don't regret leaving the world behind and helping his work come forth. This gospel is so amazing!!
Yesterday we had TRC, which is where natives who live in Provo come and volunteer their time so we can teach them a lesson. We don't meet them before and we aren't given a topic to teach about. Yesterday we taught our 3 investigators, and our TRC people, who were returned missionaries. We decided we wanted to talk about faith and how the gospel is so simple. We taught that all you have to do is believe on his name, and the rest will come easy. When you believe on his name, you will grow to love him and the commandments.
Other than that I don't have much else to say! The MTC food is really catching up to me, so pray that I wont get really fat...thanks. Thanks for all the Letters and love you send me. I love you all so much! I still don't know how to send pictures so I'll have to send the ones Sister Ha sent to me. I have a bunch on my camera that I want to send, but yeah.....


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