January 30, 2016


Mission Training Center


Sister Daines

Hurray for isreal!

Hallo meine lieblings leute!
Ah okay! a week here feels like a day, and a day feels like a week so I'll try my best to include everything without forgetting the good stuff!
So the days are pretty much the same things, lots of class time and studying! We had an investigator this week named Jenni that I talked a little bit about last week. So Jenni didn't believe in God and my companions and I taught her every German! We had 5 different lessons with her and we learned a lot about coming unto Christ. It was so cool to see Jenni grow little by little and see her faith in God grow. Last Thursday we had a devotional called people and your purpose. I forgot who talked but in it she said "Missionaries don't fill peoples needs. We just help them understand, feel, and find what they are looking for. We invite them to come unto Christ." We have been focusing throughout the week we taught Jenni that we as missionaries don't teach people, the Spirit does. The spirit is the only one who can bring the message we have INTO the heart of people. I've learned a lot this week that it's important to recognize that. I love the MTC and the teachers so much. Every time we taught Jenni I felt so inadequate, but Heavenly Father knows what our potentials are and he's stretching us and making us grow so much so that we can become better. I love the MTC! I love my friends and Family but I haven't wished I was home once. Its crazy, if you really put your whole might and mind into learning, understanding and teaching the gospel then you WILL be blessed and see progress. Ah okay that's my tangent. I just wanted you all to know I'm HAPPY and excited to be here on a mission and wouldn't want to be anywhere else at this time. On Sunday we usually have devotionals which are always so amazing! This Sunday we had a devotional from Stephen B. Allen, the second counselor of the MTC president. He talked a lot about "Where is your heart"? He reminded us that it doesn't matter where we serve, it matters HOW we serve. On Sunday we also went to choir practice, which is sooo awesome. Our choir director is so funny and so knowledgeable about the gospel. We sang Hurray for Israel for our Sunday night devotional by Donald L. Hallstrom, who is in the Presidency of the 70.
Okay, so I need to talk about how much I love my companions and district! Its amazing how much we can laugh together as a district about the most random things, and then be in class and talk so much about the gospel and things we have learned. They are awesome. We have so many times of the day when we laugh for a solid 20 minutes because the funniest things happen and its so great hahah. Ive started this little book with my companions called "Things you hear in the MTC" hahah. Just so you have an idea of what its like to be in the MTC with a hilarious district.
EX: 1. " so...can I have your email?"-random elder in the gym
2. "If my shampoo goes down half a pound I'll probably have more room in my suitcase... wait how much shampoo is that?.."-Elder Castillo
3. "Without makeup, I'm not a person"- Sister Ha ( who is learning English so her sentences are hilarious. we love her so much haha)
4. " I thought I was going to get some weird companion from Idaho who loves plants"- Sister Daines( talking to Sister Wayment who's from Idaho and loves plants)
hahah anyways yup. I love them a lot.
I hope you all have a wonderful week of school and work and whatever else. I love you guys and I'm so glad I have so many amazing people in my life.

P.s: I have a poem for you guys:

and the missionary said: "Lovest thou me?"
and the friends and family said: "You know that we love thee"
And the missionary said:" Then fill my mailbox"

hahaha for anyone who wants to, there a a website called DearElder. You can write a letter and it will be printed out and sent to me the same day. As a missionary, I only have so much time to email and respond andddd its nice to have tangible things to read throughout the week. So if you love me you can write me a DearElder! if not...I still love you.
My info you need in order to send a DearElder letter:
Sister Aubrey Leavitt
Provo MTC Mission
Ger-Ber Mar02 #29
2005 North 900 East
Provo UT 84604-1793

Love you all and I have so many pictures to send, but we bought a card thingy here and it still doesn't when I figure it out, I promise lots of pictures (:


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