January 23, 2016


Mission Training Center


Sister Daines

Hello from the MTC

Hello meine lieblings!
Ah, okay so its been a crazy week! It's already full of adventures and stories haha. Although I missed my flight on Monday, couldn't find my baggage, couldn't find my Aunt who was picking me up, I finally making it to Provo. The day before I entered the MTC My Aunt Janet and I went to the Provo City open house which was beautiful! Then we went and did a session at the Provo Temple! On Wednesday, I finally entered the MTC. I was so excited haha, and it was just like everyone had told me. We got our name tags, dropped our stuff off in our residence, and then went straight to class. And its totally true that your teacher won't speak any English at all, so that was fun! I am super grateful for my 3 years of German right about now, because I understand almost all of what our teacher, Brother Bratsman, is saying Auf Deutsch. It's also true that your first day EVERYONE says " welcome to the MTC!" hahah I can't wait for Wednesday when we will be saying that to all the new greenie Missionaries (;. I have 2 companions named Sister Daines and sister Wayment! They are so awesome and we get along so well. In our District, we have 7 sisters and only 2 Elders which is super crazy!! Our District includes my companions and I, Sister Ha who is from Korea, (bless her heart because she has to learn English along with German) Sister Baldwin, Sister Ellis, Sister Rose, Elder Martinez, and Elder Castillo. Its only day 4 here and I feel like my district is already a family! Ah, I just love it here so much and I love being a missionary. So all we do all day is wake up, go to class, eat, class again for 3 hours, eat again, go to the bathroom, learn about the gift of tounges, maybe a devotional in there, go to the bathroom, eat, and then class again for 3 hours until 9:30 and then sleep at 10:30! I never would have thought that I would love sitting in Class for 10 hours a day butttt just being immersed in learning how to be a good missionary, and being taught by awesome awesome teachers is amazing. The feeling in the MTC is so different than anything I've ever felt. The spirit is here 24/7 and I'll probably cry when we have to leave haha. I love looking down at my name tag right above my heart and being so humbled to have Jesus Christ's name there. Anyways, I'm here safe and I love you all! And if you want to send my letters I would not disapprove (; My p-days are on Saturday in case you couldn't tell, hehe. Hmmm, so much has happened in so little time that its hard to remember everything that's happened. So sorry if my emails are jumbled for the first little while. Oh, we taught our first investigator In German yesterday! yeah.. that was fun haha. Her name is Jenny and the first lesson we taught was about God and our He loves her and that she is a Daughter of God. It wasn't a very long lesson, but it was so cool to be able to teach people Auf Deutsch! We will be able to teache her everyday and be able to help her faith In God grow and her faith grow. Well, ich Leibe alles! and I'll talk to you next Saturday! I'll try to add some pictures also but no promises, knowing my lack of computer skills. Auf Wiedersehen!

Sister Leavitt


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