January 2, 2017


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Week who knows: PREPARE YOURSELF

Hey everyone!

I finished my chemo treatments 5 weeks ago and had my CT scan a few weeks ago annnnd....I AM CANCER FREE! I also got my port out so now I have 6 wicked scars to show off in total from all of my surgeries, and chemo stuff. And my hair is growing back!


I call the manager for hundreth time - she assures me that she will be sending over the housing contract soon but she's said that 5 times so...I don't see why this time is any different.

I am all packed for BYU and so ready to finally get on with my life. I get another call, this time from the stake president.

"There is good news and bad news with your mission resubmission - the good news: they want you back as a missionary and they are sending you back to Japan."

"WOW! What's the bad news?"

"They don't want you to go to BYU for a semester, they want you now - in January."

As someone who has had 2 other life altering news in the last 6 months, I thought I would be prepared for this one but it was different because for the first time it was good news. I immediately was so incredibly grateful that Heavenly Father had hindered my housing application and also that He was answering my prayers.

I was truly shocked because I resigned myself to being reassigned or not going back at all because I felt that was the logical course of things. Though, I felt in my heart that I would return to Japan - but I constantly second guessed every prompting that told me that because I thought I might be projecting my own will on God. But I was RIGHT!!!!

I can't tell you how excited I am to share my story with the people of Japan and that I get to see my district again. I report January 17th directly to the Japan Tokyo Mission. (No I have not kept up on Japanese, yes it will be a language shock).

I will be starting up this email list officially again, so if you want to still be on it - email me back and just say yes. You can still read about my adventures at my new blog: The Bald Sister Missionary.

For those many many who are still home from their missions or will never get to serve - I love you all so much and I understand. I am so lucky to get a second chance but that's because it's in God's plan. Trust Him when He guides the plan for your life because it will be different than mine, but will get you back to Him and that's what matters. You still have a great work to do, but it may not be with a badge - and it's hard. Really hard. But walking through the dark unknown is the only way to get to the light.

So basically, go with the flow and trust Heavenly Father because that's all that is certain in this life - haha I'm proof.

I'll be in Provo this weekend and back in CA on the 12th so hopefully I can see many of you before I leave. Love you all! Thank you so much for all your prayers and kind gestures - you are my angels <3

- Sister Atkinson


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