June 6, 2016


Queen Creek, AZ


Sister Butler

I love to see the temple

Hello crazies. This week was pretty awesome.We went over to the Torres families house on Tuesday planning to paint and rip up their carpet ( a skill every 21 year old girl needs btw). We Didn't because Mia's(daughter) car broke down.. so we all had to hop in the car and save her. Her guy friend who always fixes her car was on his was to come and help too..when his truck broke down as well... so then we had to take him home and it was kind of a mess. lol I was feeling pretty lame because we pretty much did nothing all day. We had dinner and then within five minutes all of these things happened. 1. Mia was called to give a talk in church. 2. Nathan who is the best and is 12 hasn't been baptized, has been saving up money to go on a mission since he was 3 is going to be taking the lessons and is going to be baptized on july 2nd. 3. Sister torres says "I've never been to the temple.. how do I get there? WHAT crazy! It was a big testimony builder to me that if we love and serve gods children he will help us with the work. People who are prepared to hear the gospel wont need convincing and everything will just fall into place! It was a really cool miracle! We also went to the temple again on Saturday and that was so awesome! I love love love the temple!I have also found a new love for hummus... so that's all im going to be easting this week. OH! and noosa yogurt is the best thing ever too. :)I love you all have an awesome week!Its a good day to be a missionary.Love,sister smith


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