January 7, 2019


Elizabethtown, PA


Sister Kenner

Finding Joy

Hey everyone!
Let me tell yah! This week has been a week of stretching, learning, and growing! This week Sister Kenner and I didn't have much success. And when I say "Success" I mean finding people to teach and teaching people. In ever other aspect, this week was very successful. The Lord has taken this low point in the work to teach me so much!
So this week I decided to do a worry fast. Last week in relief society the topic was "Fear". We discussed how sometimes our fear of inadequacy keeps us form reaching our full potential. One sister mentioned how one week she decided to fast from worrying about things that were out of her control and only brought her down. I thought this was a pretty good idea so I decided to try it!
This week was probably one of the worst weeks I could have decided to do that. Literally, everyone that we are teaching decided to drop off the face if the earth! No one is answering calls or getting back to us. My first tendency is to think," What did I do wrong", but the Lord continued to remind me throughout the week of my "worry fast" and I tried my best to trust in Him.
One of the people that was ignoring us this week was Bria. She is someone that we are teaching who came up to us and said she wanted to be baptized the first time we met her. She just had a baby and so we haven't been able to meet but we will text back and for and send her scriptures. She usually always responds. It was very discouraging that she, out of all the people we are teaching, wasn't responding to us.
Well this Sunday we go to church and as we are sitting in the chapel she walks in with her entire family! This was the first time she has come to church! It was such a testimony builder to me to know that even through we weren't in contact with her throughout the week the Lord was still teaching her through the spirit and influenced her to come to church! Also, she told us her phone broke and that's why she hadn't messaged us back! Guys! The Lord has everything under control. Stop worrying so much!
One more thing the Lord has taught me this week is the importance of repentance. On Friday we had a meeting with the leadership in our mission. They really focused on the importance of striving to have a penitent heart. Throughout my week I really tried to humble my heart before the Lord and repent of even the smallest things like being impatient or not acting on a spiritual promptings. I can't describe the difference it has made in the spirit I have felt this week! I feel so much closer to the Lord. It's as if these walls that I have put up in my life that keep me from truly being one with the Lord have been torn down. It just feels so good.
I just couldn't be more grateful for all the lessons the Lord is teaching me. So many people might be tempted to look at the life of a member and see perfection. They are so wrong. What they see us not perfection. We are all filled with flaws and trails. What they see is pure joy. The joy that comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ. Because of this Gospel we know that there is hope for all. Even though life might not be perfect now, through the grace of God, one day it can be.

I love you all. May we all strive to get just a little bit closer to our savior this week!
Sister Rich
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