December 10, 2018


Elizabethtown, PA


Sister York

Accessing Christ's Love

My companion shared with me a a quote that I feel sums up a mission pretty accurately."Missions are 98% hard work, struggle, disappointment, difficulty, sorrow, and even pain. 2%...2% is pure joy and somehow that 2% makes it all worth it."
It might be really hard for anyone to look at a mission from the outside and understand why someone in their early 20's would sacrifice 18 months to two years for something that requires every bit of energy, patience, faith, and selfishness that one has, for what seems to be virtually nothing in return. I feel like I was reminded this week, yet again, why I chose to serve a mission.
Let's be real here, the past few weeks have been hard. It has felt like that 98% was 100%. Sometimes it is really hard to be patient with the Lord and wait for blessings to come. But the blessings always come!
One night we had a lesson with someone we are teaching. Her family has been going through a rough time this season. She told us about how she was just ready to give up, when she felt the need to turn to the Lord. She told us how she prayed to the Lord for a really long time, just venting to Him and allowing Him to take her burdens. After she finished praying she immediately turned to the Book of Mormon and started to read. She told us of the peace that came into her life because of those simple things and thanked us for teaching her how to access that.
That moment was exactly the 2% that makes everything worth it. Helping others feel the love of Christ in their lives brings me an indescribable joy that is found nowhere else.
I know that Christ lives. I know that He cares for and watches over all us. There is nothing more pure and more filling than the Love of Christ. May we all try to spread that love this season as we celebrate Him. #lighttheworld
Sister Rich

P.S. Also a crazy miracle that also happened this week, a lady that I have never met before came up to us at ward the Christmas party and said she wants to be baptized! What?!



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