November 26, 2018


Elizabethtown, PA


Sister York

Diligence Brings Miracles

Hello Everyone! I love and miss you! I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving!
This week was such a fun week! For Thanksgiving we spent The daThwith the coolest members, The Mills. They made awesome food for us and we played some great games! One of the games had this really weird name that I don't remember but it was kind of like curses. There were all these things you had to do or act out without laughing. It was so fun. Brother Mills is a Theater and Video director. He has produced things for Broadway and right now a working on things for the Church. He takes that game seriously! I have never seen someone give such a great eulogy for his dead cat!
This week was also a great test on my diligence and devotion. The three days out of the week that we didn't have that car were willed with rain and then below 20 degree weather. Despite my hatred fro both the cold and rain we still worked hard and saw some awesome miracles because of it!
Miracle #1: We had a lesson with Mary this week. She is the lady that has taken all the lessons before but couldn't get past the fact that the Book of Mormon is "adding" to the Bible. In our lesson we did our best to explain the Book of Mormon to her and where it comes from. The thing is that Mary is a talker and it was really hard to get anything in. We said probably about five sentences total. The entire time I was thinking, " Oh this is a disaster!" Well Mary was talking about all this random stuff and then completely stops and then says, "Well yeah, that makes sense. The Book of Mormon isn't adding to the Bible it was written at the same time just in a different place. I should really start reading this". I still have no idea how she came to that conclusion from what we were talking about but it just goes to show that if someone is truly willing to listen the Holy Ghost will teach them. We as missionaries really don't do anything.
Miracle #2: BLACK FRIDAY! Okay so we weren't actually out during all of the Black Friday commotion but later that day we were walking around Columbia and we stop this lady named Kim on The street. She invited us to her store to come eat the pizza they had left over from Black Friday. We started talking and she and her co-worker had lots of questions about the church that we were able to answer. Kim then invited us to come to her house later this week and teach her son who is going through a ruff time right now. So thanks to all those people that didn't eat Kim's pizza on Black Friday! Now she gets to hear the gospel!
Well everyone, I love this work so much and I am so grateful that Lord has trusted me with the little faith and testimony that I have to help His children return to Him.
Have a great week!Sister Rich


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