November 12, 2018


Elizabethtown, PA


Sister York

Behind the Creepy Door is a Miracle

Hey my peeps! This week was AWESOME!!!!
So E-Town is the best and Sister York is even better! I do t think I have ever had a transfer that has felt so natural as soon as it starts! Sister York and I are almost the same person and everyday is just spent laughing about the stupid things we do.
Here are some random facts about Sister York you might want to know:1. She is from Tooele Utah.2. She is my grandma and I'm killing her. That means that she trained my trainer and this is her last transfer....3. She loves otters and Llamas
Literally the first thing we did when I get here, after we did missionary work of course, was hang Christmas lights all over our apartment and push our beds close together so that there is only about a couple inch gap between them. If that doesn't scream, "Awesome companionship" I don't know what does!
Here are some random facts about my area:1. There is a Dove Chocolate factory in Elizabethtown so the air smells like brownies ALL THE TIME!2. The southern most part of our area is Amish country. I have already seen two horse and buggies! Not quite best friends with an Amish person yet, but I'm working on it.3.We share the car with the Elders so half of the week we get to bike! Cold+Biking=Trial of my faith!
So here is a funny story about biking this week! Our bikes broke so we called the elders to come pick us up. They decided to try and fix them and broke them even more! Then we realised that we wouldn't be able to fit the bikes in the car so we had to ride them home anyway! Oh my goodness! It was just such a funny day!
Okay so Elizabethtown is just full of miracles! Here us the best one so far!Our mission has a goal to have every companionship talk to 20 people a day! Well, one day everything was falling through for Sister York and I so we knew something big was coming! Finally at the end of the day we decide to go visit this person that might he interested in learning more about the gospel. We get to the house and on the door there was a note that said, "Knock on side door". Well that didn't make very much sense because this was a house that was right in the middle of a bunch of houses that were all connected. Sister York and I decided to give it a shot anyway. So we go down this alley on the side of the building and knock on the only door there. It was honestly kind of creepy looking but we felt like we should try it anyway. This lady named Mary answers the door. She wasn't the person we were looking for but she was the person we were supposed to find!
We talk to Mary for a little bit and she told us that she knows how to get to the house we are looking for. As she is showing us where the right door is she starts talking all about how she met with the missionaries before in Georgia. She took all of the lessons and was even about to get baptized but just couldn't get past the fact that the Book of Mormon was more scripture and she believes we are only supposed to read the Bible. We start talking to her about the restoration of the gospel and she decided that she wants to learn again and have her grandkids that live with her learn too! She is so awesome!
It was so cool for me to be able to see the Lords hand in guiding us to Mary that entire day. If our plans had worked out how we wanted them to we would have never gone to visit the person we were originally looking for. It would have been so easy just to leave when we couldn't figure out how to get to their house, but we didn't. We kept try and the Lord out us right where we needed to be! Isn't Heavenly Father just so great!
I love you all so much! I know that this work I am doing as a missionary is truly the Lords work and I am so blessed to be a part of it! Have a great week!
Sister Rich
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