October 15, 2018


Dover, PA


Sister Applegate

Look for the Lord!

Hello to all my favorite people!
So this week was a REAL trial of my faith. The cold is starting to set in here in Pennsylvania. For anyone that knows me you know that I HATE the cold. The sad part is that the coldest it has gotten is only probably about 40° and I know it is going to get so much colder! Ahhhh!!!!
Other than that little freak out, this week has been pretty good. In mission lingo there is a term called, "Greenie Fire". This is a term used to describe the excitement and determination new missionaries find in doing missionary work. I was thinking this week about myself as a new missionary and what really sparked that "greenie fire".
There are probably many reasons that new missionaries have such a great love and desire for the work but one thing that I came up with is that they see every event as a miracle! From that one guy that was very polite in rejecting our message to the inspired door knock that leads you to the "golden" person. They see the hand of the Lord in everything! So this week I tired to do that. Every experience we had I tried to see the hand of the Lord in it! Man! It's amazing how much happier you become just by recognizing the Lord more fully in your life.
Here are some of my favorite divinely lead experiences from this week:
John: John was an older man that we met as he was taking in his trash. We offered to help him but he wouldn't let us (people are stubborn like that here lol!). Anyway, we got to talking and he told us about the experiences he has had with the Lord and the depression he has struggled with since his wife passed away. Now Sister Applegate completely lost her voice this day so I had to take the lead. Usually the go-to thing to teach when someone is depressed or has lost a loved one is The Plan of Salvation but instead the spirit guided me to speak about the healing power of The Book of Mormon. It was amazing to feel the spiritual connection we had as I was able to testify of the Book of Mormon and promise to him that when he is depressed he can open to any page in the Book of Mormon and feel comforted from the Lord. I have never given away a Book of Mormon where the person receiving it was so grateful for it. It was amazing! The Lord definitely lead us to John that day because He is aware of what he needs.
Jerry and Devin: This week we got Jerry and Devin started on doing their family history work. They have been having a hard time understanding Tue need for temple work so we thought, "let's get them doing it". We got them started and were really having a hard time finding anything. But thankfully after a lot of silent prayers and the help of our amazing Family History Consultant, Sister Bubb, we were able to find a line that dated back to the 1200's! Not only could we show then their family members that needed temple work done but the spirit of Elijah was so strong and Jerry and Devin were so excited about doing their family history. Also, WE found out we are 10th cousins! How cool is that!!!!
There were so many other miracles that happened this week but I don't have time to write them all. The Lord is just so good and he is continually blessing us, even if we get a little stubborn sometimes and choose not to see the blessings!
I love you all soooo much and hope you have an amazing week. Remember to look for the Lord's hand in your life!
Sister Rich
Pictures1. Service with our new friend Rica2.We found this cute new restaurant3. If this doesn't describe Dover I don't know what does


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