September 24, 2018


Dover, PA


Sister Applegate

I'm Wiggin' Out Over Here

So it's the start of a new transfer and I am staying in Dover! For all of you that asked for my address it is:300 Dietz Estate Dr. York PA 17404
This weeks has been a big week of firsts for Sister Applegate and I! On Tuesday we went to a relief society activity and learned how to make Philippino egg roles from a Phillinino sister in our branch, Sister Gonzales. On Wednesday I hit my personal best in distance on my bike. 20 miles! And in Saturday we made a wig. No joke. Sister Applegate and I helped one of the people we are teaching make a literal wig, WITH REAL HAIR, so that she could go to church with her friend on Sunday. So it's actually a funny story. We stopped by Sharnette's house to see how she was doing. We walk in and she is SUPER stressed. She told us that she has been working for 12hrs on this wig for church the next day and she hadn't even sewn the 1st layer of hair on. So of course, us being the charity filled missionaries that we are, offer to help. I bleached the hair and Sister Applegate sewed in on the cap. It was actually a lot of fun and really fun. Needless to say, I think I've found my life calling, wig making!
This week in my scripture study a theme that keeps coming up, both in the Book of Mormon and the New Testament, is the idea of becoming as a "little child", or really just becoming humble before the Lord. I think the Lord has been trying to tell me something because humility is something that seems to keep popping up for me on my mission. I took the initiative this week to really ask the Lord in what ways I needed to be more humble and align my will with His. It was been a really amazing experience. As I have done this the Lord has opened my eyes to the needs of the people around me and the importance of the attribute of Charity. I didn'tt hink that this would be an answer to my prayer but as I was sitting at stake conference this Sunday or stake President said something that really touched me. He said, "As we have charity in our lives and love the Lord stress will be replaced with peace and that as we strive to turn out wards in our times of need the Lord will heal our troubled souls,". What an amazing promise! I know that in times of stress and need as we focus on the needs of our brothers and sisters our own difficulties become so much less of a hassle.
Well I love you all so much! Have a great week! And enjoy this Mormon Message.

Sister Rich
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