September 17, 2018


Dover, PA


Sister Applegate

Finding Joy in the Work

Hey everyone! This week in Dover has been a lot of fun!
On Tuesday this week we had exchanges with our Sister training leaders. Sister Brown and I stayed here in Dover. I had a goal this week to look for the joy in every day and man, Sister Brown was the perfect person to show me how to do that. She is just so happy and finds so much happiness in the the small things.
Wile we were in exchanges we did some service for a member of the branch. We helped do yard work. I have never loved doing yard work so much in my life! The member asked me if I know how to use clippers. I said yes, thinking, "Who doesn't know how to use clippers?", and he pulls our this big machine thing and hands it to me. It took me a second to know what it was for and how to use it but we had lots of fun! (Pictures at the bottom).
Sister Applegate and I met with this girl named Jessica. Sister Eborn found her on exchanged last transfer and we were finally able to schedule a time to meet with her. She is so awesome! She grew up Catholic but there were always a lot of questions she had about the religion. She lead searching for truth but kind of put that on hold when she started raising her family. Well she finally was a t a point where she felt like she could start her search for God again when the missionaries knocked at her door! She said that it must be a sign from God! She is so funny. We started teaching her and the very first question she asked was, "Do you believe God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are all the same being," when we told her no she was so relieved. She Said, " that whole trinity thing just doesn't make sense and no one could ever explain to me how it worked!". She is so prepared!
We also got to work at the York fair again this Sunday. It was so much fun! We were able to talk to soooo many people! A member from a different ward had printed out pages from the Book of Mormon. We asked people if they would like to read a page and then highlight anything they liked or that stook out to them. So many people were interested in just the small part they read and wanted to read more! It was awesome. Not to mention we made friends with the army recruiters in the booth across from ours and they have us a much of arm gear and at the end of the night there was a firework show we got to watch!
Everyday this week i have just been writing down things that I am grateful for. It's amazing to see how just that simple act brings so much joy and happiness into your life! Even on the hard days you realise just how blessed you ready are.
I love you all and hope you are all breathing okay with all that smoke in Utah! Stay safe!
Sister Rich
1. Look how cool I look with that thing in my hands!2. Hard at work3. Brother Murphey's Ford Falcon4. They had pumpkin funnel cake!5. Us at our booth6. Us and our branch mission leader watching fireworks.


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