July 23, 2018


Dover, PA


Sister Eborn

Re: Getting real with Heavenly Father

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On Jul 23, 2018 2:25 PM, "Ashlyn Rich" <> wrote:
Sup my homies. Hope you're all still doing good! (The Baltimore life is getting to me) My week has been pretty great as always. We picked up this awesome investigator this week. His name is Sameer and he is Hindu. He doesn't really practice but that's what he grew up with. I have never taught someone who has absolutely no concept of Jesus Christ before so that is really interesting. He is so prepared though. He litteraly has all of the classic, " Where do I come from", "Is there even really a God", "What am I supposed to do with my life", questions and is just so ready to learn. He's awesome!
I also had a super awesome conversation with the Branch President here in Dover. He was talking about trials and he referred to the Joseph Smith story. He said that Satan's tactic to stop the most important event in history from happening was to "bind" Joseph's tounge when he decided to kneel down and pray. The most powerful thing we have is our communication with God, especially in times of trials. Satan knows that and so He tries to keep us from doing that very simple yet very important act of praying. Sometimes Satan does this by simply keeping us from praying all together but more often then not Satan tricks us into thinking that we can't be completely open and honest in our prayers.
President Hoopes told us that in our prayers we need to be completely raw with Heavenly Father. Don't try to sugar coat things. He already knows what you are feeling and going through, instead tell Him exactly how you are feeling. Tell Him when you are upset, even if it is with Him. Tell Him when you are sad or depressed. Tell Him when we feel like we have been wronged by someone else or feel a lack of self-confidence. As we do this we open the windows of Heaven into our lives and truly let the Lord into our hearts to be able to access the full power of the Atonement and to heal our lives.
I have been doing this in my nightly prayers. I don't feel like I am really struggling with anything right now but I did want to strengthen my relationship with my Heavenly Father. It has truly been so amazing to see how I have change spiritually in the last couple of days I have done this. Not only do I feel a deeper love from and for my Heavenly Father but I am also more aware of the Spirit in my life and my confidence in myself as a Daughter of God and a missionary has grown so much.
So for all my perfect friends and family out there who have checked everything of on their, "Spiritual to-do list", and more importantly for all my imperfect friends and family that need just a little extra help from the Savior thus week, as we all do, I would definitely suggest doing this in your nightly prayers. Be completely open with Heavenly Father. Tell Him everything! And then look for His hand in your life.
Love you all. Have a great week!Sister Rich


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