July 30, 2018


Dover, PA


Sister Eborn

Things That Make Me Happy

Hey! I don't have much time to write but I wanted tell you a cool experience I had.

These past two weeks I have seen the power of repentance transform Jerry's life. Yesterday at church he received a priesthood blessing to help him as he quits smoking. Last night we FaceTimed him to see how he was doing and to talk about how church went and he excitedly asked us if we were close so we could come by and read "the book" with him. Jerry is a single man and so we meet on his back porch. When we got there he was waiting with lemonade for us. He got emotional as he told us how he hadn't hardly smoked all day and how church today went by so quickly. His eyes had a new glow and light that I will never forget seeing. The power of repentance is so real. I am so lucky to be able to help people feel that power every day.

Also, as if I haven't seen enough Miracles in Dover.When I first got to Dover I prayed to the Lord to know how to use ASL in this area. Dover is very small and it truly would be a miracle to find a deaf person here. Well as I was praying I had the strongest impression that there was an Autistic boy who know ASL somewhere in the area that we needed to find and talk to. So random right? Well turns out that there is a less active family in the branch who has and autistic son who can only communicate through ASL. A few years ago he was baptized. He didn't need to be because of his many different mental disabilities he isn't really accountable but he just loves the gospel so much and wanted to be baptized so he was. Well when we went over to visit this family this boy was so excited. He knew we were missionaries and when we started signing wit him he just lit up! We are going to start going over to their house to teach their family the lessons. I just really goes to show that the Lord is very aware of each of his children. He put ASL missionaries in Dover just for this boy. Not because he needs to learn the gospel but really just to make him happy. Isn't that just so amazing!
Love you all. Have a great week!
Sister Rich


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