July 2, 2018


Dover, PA


Sister Eborn

Dover: the place where people come to die.

So if you couldn't tell by the subject line, I freaking love Dover! Actually, I really do! This little tiny branch is great. It is out in the middle of the country. It is so beautiful!
So this town is litterally filled with just old people. There are about 2 families, out of the whole 70 people in the branch, and they are both moving this summer! Lol! The first thing the bishops wife said was, "Welcome to Dover! The place where old people come to die! Lol I love it here!
Sister Eborn is my companion! She is awesome. Literally we just spend our day laughing. She is such a consecrated missionary and just has a desire to do the work!
We have about 3 investigators right now and the work is kind of slow but that doesn't matter! From the moment we got here both Sister Eborn and I felt so strongly that the Lord has so much work for us to do here. We are both so pumped to get to work!
So it is super hot and Sister Eborn and I are in bikes! We just laugh and laugh about it because are such the clique missionaries! Yesterday we had one of those must have missionary moments where we were riding up this steep hill in 90+ weather and all of the sudden this dog comes out of nowhere and starts chasing us! It's so great!!!!
The awesome thing is that we could close to really hate our situation here in Dover but instead we just laugh through all the hard moments because we both just have such a great desire to serve the Lord that thosemoments don't even matter. It's so great!
Well thays my week! I hope all of you are doing great!
Sister Rich!


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