June 25, 2018


Columbia City, MD


Sister Best

One and Done!

So the Lord through a big curve ball at me this week! I am getting transferred to Dover PA! I was so not expecting that! I am a little sad because I didn't get to spend a lot of time in Columbia building the relationships and teaching investigators. This transfer was a week shorter than the others (5 weeks) and 2 of those weeks were spent inside, helping Sister Best recover. But that's okay! The Lord has different plans for me and I'm super excited to be going to Dover! I don't know much about it yet, other than the fact that it is tiny. It's a branch, not a ward and I am going to be doubling in! So both my new companion and I will be brand new to the area! This should be an adventure!
The past few weeks have really been amazing for me. Staying in with a sick companion is definitely a challenge but I have really been able to strengthen my testimony in the Lord. The Lord knows how much I need to be humbled and He has definitely been teaching me to depend fully on Him. There have been many moments when the only thing I know to do is to get on my knees and pray. Those moments have been some of the most strengthening moments on my mission. I know the Lord is there. I know he is watching out for us and I know He will always guide us if we choose to turn to Him.
Here is a scripture that has really been a huge strength to me.1Nephi 20:10For, behold, I have refined thee, I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction.
Life is hard but it is so important to remeber who we are and what our potential is. Our ultimate goal is to become like Jesus Chrsit. That is not an easy process. It takes a lot of hard work and refinement. Through our trails the Lord is refining each of us and helping us become the people He knows we can be.

I love all of you! You are so amazing!!! Have a great weekSister Rich​​
1. Saying good-bye to president and Sister Christiansen. They are going home!!! 😭2. Saying good-bye to an investigator Zoe3.Spent preparation day at the candy store! Sister Best LOVES sugar


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