May 28, 2018




Okay so I am emailing on my phone this week because the library was closed and for some reason it was giving me problems. Hopefully this turns out okay
So this week we had transfers. It feels so weird to be out of Frederick but I am so ready for something new!
This week has been a lot of just getting to know our investigators and the members. One of Sister Bear's and I goals this transfer is to really build up the ward and help them with missionary work. If anyone has good ideas on how to do that, things that you did on your missions or any advice at all, that would be great. We don't know what we're doing
We have 4 deaf investigators! I am so excited about that! We get to go to Baltimore twice a week because of that! Don't worry. We are in the safe part and we go during the day so it's extra safe.
So apparently the storms just follow me. I got out of Frederick, where it was flooding, it was happy sunshine here in Columbia for a couple of days and then it flooded here too! We were driving yesterday in the rain and saw a car that was completely submerged in water! The river had flooded and was over flowing into the street. It was crazy! Good thing I know how to swim.
Also I love Sister Best. We hit it off right away!
Well that's about it for the week! Hope you are all doing good!
Sister Rich


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