May 21, 2018



Finding Miracles in the Storm

Wow! This week has been crazy! First of all, all of Frederick is under water! It has been raining non-stop for the past week. It's crazy! Sister Gardner and I have been having a lot of fun with that!
This week has really just been full of miracles. I knew that it was going to be my last week in Frederick and so I decided to give it my all. That was actually pretty hard because I am so ready to move on to another area, I have been here for 6 months! But as I gave everything I could to the Lord He gave me everything I could ever ask for in return.
The first miracle is that we got a flat tire! I know this doesn't sound like a miracle but it was. This happened right before the flash floods started happening. Sister Gardner and I had planned to go to a part of our area that s about 20min away from our apartment. Because of the flat tire we didn't have time to go that far and so we decided to stay in a more local area. If we hadn't gotten that flat tire we would have had to drive home in that weather. The Lord really was looking out for us and keeping us safe!
Our second miracle is Bo. He is a new investigator we picked up this week. He has a pretty rough past but with in the last couple of months he has decided to change his life around for his kids and try to find God. He is amazing! The moment we met him both Sister Gardner and I had such a strong impression that he needs the gospel. Well of course everyone needs the gospel but this was just so much different and more distinct. This was almost as if Heavenly Father was right there say, "Save my son". It was so humbling. Already in this short week we have seen just this light within him that wasn't there before. Just from meeting with us once and coming to church. It's so amazing!
It's amazing how much knowing the one simple truth that we are children of God ad how much He loves us can change everything about us. This is something I have come to know so differently as a missionary. Heavenly Father has shown me over and over again just a fraction of the love he has for his children. It's undesirable. I know He's there. I now He loves us and is in every fraction of our lives trying to guide us back to Him. Being able to teach people of their divine heritage is the most precious blessing I have! This is so amazing!
That's pretty much about it. I love all of you! Have an amazing week!
Sister Rich

1. Sister Gardner trying to fix the tire....2. Drenched in the rain.3. Maryland is still beautiful 4.6 months (in sign language)5. 6 month Ice cream celebration


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