May 14, 2018



ASL work is amazing!

Happy late Mothers Day to all of those amazing mothers and women that I didn't get to talk to yesterday. I love you!
This week has been great. Not a ton happened but I do have one really cool story to tell you!So there is this girl in our ward who is deaf. She is about 10 yrs old. It's actually kind of sad because nobody in her family really knows how to sign. They all know really basic stuff but not nearly enough to communicate with her. You can tell that she just feels very alone. Well a couple of weeks ago, I'm not sure if I told this part of the story yet or not so just bare with me, we convinced her to come to activity days. She doesn't usually come because she doesn't really have any friends. Well this time she came!She kind of just sat in the corner and I tried talking to her but she really didn't want anything to do with me. Finally I just told her. "I know my sign language is bad but I really want to be your friend because you seem pretty cool. Will you give me a chance?" Well she decided to let me be her friend and we had a great time together.
Well this week she came to the mother daughter activity and she still wanted to be my friend! She even participated in the activities, she usually doesn't want to do anything with the hearing people, and for once I think she felt apart of the group. She was completely herself and didn't feel completely neglected. Being an ASL missionary is so awesome! Not only do I have the opportunity to learn and awesome language but I also get to be a friend to a lot of people who would otherwise have a lot of people to communicate with. I get to serve in so many different ways! It's awesome. I love being a missionary!
Also, just in case you were wondering...Yes Maryland can get more beautiful. I'll send pictures.
I love you all! I hope you have a great week!Sister Rich


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