May 7, 2018



Lunch with Francis Scott Key

What am amazing week! It all started with eating lunch with Francis Scott Key.Last Monday Sister Gardner and I decided that we needed to go out and do something. Frederick is a pretty historical town. It's been around since before the revelation! We decided that we needed to experience some of this rich history What better way to do that then going and finding Francis Scott Key's grave and eating lunch there!this cemetery that he is buried in is huge! We could have been searching for hours but luckily Heavenly Father lead us right to him. Actually it was kind of funny because on of the sisters we were with looked at the headstone of him and his wife, not realizing who's it was and said, "I just love it when couples are buried together". We sat there just starring at it for a wile before we realized that it was the one and only Francis Scott Key! Haha yeah that was a lot of fun.

Larry was also baptized and confirmed this week. It has been so amazing to see him progress the past 5 months. Sister Nielsen and I were the missionaries that found him. It has been amazing to see him change as he has exercised faith unto repentance and has made the decision to follow Christ and be baptized. The is no better feeling than knowing you have helped someone build their relationship with Christ. What is even more amazing is in a year from now he can be sealed to his wife who passed away this passed December just a week before we knocked on his door. I know that she has been sitting in on the lessons we are teaching him. Learning right along side of him. This has just been an amazing experience for me!
This work is truly amazing! I am so blessed to be apart of it!
I love you all!Hope you have a great Week!Sister Rich

1.Larry's Baptism2. Francis Scott Key's Grave3.Francis's Memorial4. The huge Cemetery


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