April 30, 2018



Singing about Jesus From the Roof Tops

I just love missionary work! This week was just one of those weeks where I just woke up every morning and wanted to sing about Jesus from the rooftops so that everyone could hear! Man! Yeah it's just been great.
The work in Frederick is just going so good. So much is happening and the Lord is just pouring blessings upon us!
Well first off, we have two investigators who are on date to be baptised. One of them is Larry. he is just so great. I have taught him for the entire time he has been investigating. He just has this pure desire to follow Christ and be baptised. He has had a few bumps and bruises along te way but he refuses to let anything to get in the way. He knows that this is Christ's church and he is not ging to let anything get in the way!
The second is Dada. We actually just picked her up this week and I honestly don't know why we didn't know about her before. She comes from a part member family. He sister and dad are members but her dad actually passed away about a year ago. His dying wish was to take the missionary lessons again. Ever since then she has been coming to church on and off.Well a couple of weeks ago our bishop told us that there was this girls named Dada that we need to go visit. She has been coming to young womens and said that she just really loves our church.Well we go over there and we get to know her. All of the sudden she mentions that she has been praying about baptism and feels that she needs to be baptised into our church. What?! Sister gardner and I were completely shocked. We had no idea what to say. So we ust start teaching the Restoration and asked her if she has read the Book of Mormon. Not only has she read it but she has prayed about it and knows that it's true and that Joseph Smith is a prophet! My mind is still just blow when I think about this. It's just so cool.
So yeah. Life is just so great. I love the Lord, I love the people hear in Maryland that I get to bring the gospel too, and I Love the gospel! This work is just so amazing and there is no greater joy on earth than seeing people come to know their savior and enter on the path to returning to their Heavenly Father.
I love you all so much! Have a great week!
Sister Rich


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