February 5, 2018



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Not a lot happened this week. We hit a lot of road blocks and it was really hard to stay motivated.

Yesterday it snowed all day long. Because of that we weren't allowed to use our cars and church got canceled. I have never had church get canceled before because of snow. Not even really snow....more like sleet. Of course the Lord's work never stops. We pushed ourselves out the door and got to work. No one let us in or even talked to us because of the Super Bowel. By the time we came in for dinner we were drenched and freezing cold.
The Lord has a funny way of pushing us to the limit before he gives us a tender mercy. After we had finished eating dinner I spent probably a good five minutes just pray to the Lord for strength and motivation to go back out into the cold. I had just finished praying when our District leader sent us a text saying that it had stopped snowing enough for us to use our cars. I have never felt so much gratitude for a car in my entire life!
I have learned a lot about the Lord and how he works. He provides us with tender mercies everyday. These small things that he gives to us help me know that he is aware of me, he knows my needs, and he is helping me grow everyday. Well I love all of you. I hope you have a fantastic week!Love,Sister Rich
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