February 26, 2018



Old Bay, Baptisms, and Babies!

Guy! I'm pregnant! For all of you that are really confused right now...which is probably all of you...No, I'm not really pregnant. I'm going to be a trainer this next transfer. Out here in the Maryland we call our trainies our children and so I'm expecting...Yeah this is way more confusing to explain than I thought...but I'M TRAINING! I am so excited and so nervous all at the same time. It's crazy that I just finished mt own training this week and now I am responsible to teach a brand new missionary. Wish me luck! I'm going to need it!
This week was SUCH a good week. We had two baptisms! Carolyn and Augustinian. Augustina isn't technically our investigator. She is 8 and her mom asked us to teach her the lessons to help prepare her for baptism. Both of these experiences were so special. It is so rewarding to so how much happiness the light of Christ can bring into someones life. There are so many hard moments on a mission. There are probably ore hard ones than not, but seeing someone being able to build a relationship with Christ and learn who they truly are and what their potential is as a child of God out weighs those hard moments to where you don't even really remember them.

Of course though, because it's me, something really embarrassing HAS to happen. So neither Sister Nielsen or I have ever had a baptism before and so we had no idea how to turn on the font or set anything up or anything. Luckily our zone leaders met us at the church to unlock everything and showed us what to do. So we got everything figured out and then our bishop come and finished everything for us. Well when he went to turn off the font, instead of turning the water off he turned the hot water off and turned the cold water on all the way. In the mean time we were helping Carolyn get into her jump suit and the font is over filling! water is flooding into the relief society room! We had to hurry and soak up all the water and fix everything before everyone showed up! Carolyn was a trooper though. She was baptized in a font full of freezing cold water and still came up glowing and full of life! The only thing is everyone blamed ME AND SISTER NIELSEN for the flooding even though it was our Bishop's fault.
Also I had my 1st Maryland crab this week. One of the members found out that we hadn't had crab yet and insisted on giving us some before Sister Nielsen leaves. She taught us how to shell them and it was so much fun. I feel like a true Marylaner now!
Well I hope you all had an amazing week. I heard Utah finally got snow. This week has been anywhere from 50's- 80's so I'm happy,I love you all.Sister Rich


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