January 1, 2018



After Blessings Always Comes Humility.

This week has been so great!We had zone conference and studied from a talk given at a BYU devotional called "A Disciples Journey". This talk is life changing. It's all about the path we all take to return back to Heavenly Father. Go look it up and read it. I would try to explain it better but I really can't. It's just too amazing to even put into words.We also watched President Russel M. Nelson's message. It is so good. We have watched this message with every single one of our investigators and every one has been just blown away. The Spirit is so strong when he talks. He talks about moving forward with faith in Jesus Christ. Staying on the covenant path, and eventually return to live with Heavenly Father. Its amazing to see how the Lord's work is hastening. Not to long ago there was a big push to build all these temples and now the push is to USE THEM! There is so much work to be done, the Lord's works is hastening and he expects us to keep up. for something truly amazing! PAIGE IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!! Paige is an investigator that we have who has taught me so much about the Lord and how he works. When we 1st started meeting with her she had a problem with everything we said. Honestly I have no idea why she was even letting us into her house. But slowly, through the power of the Lord she has gained a testimony of The Book of Mormon, of prophets, and of the teachings of the church. It's amazing to see how the Lord softens hearts and prepares then to receive the truth of His gospel.
We also have another investigator on date. Carolyn, she has been investigating the church for a wile but has a lot of health issues so was putting of baptism. Well, she finally felt like it was the right time! We are so excited.
One more crazy story. Earlier this week we had planned to go and visit a former investigator named Arma. Sister Nielsen and I have been trying to see her for a wile but something always gets in the way. Well finally we were able to make it over to her apartment. As we were walking through the parking lot Sister Nielsen noticed a lady who looked like she was struggling. She asked if she need help and the lady said yes. Her name is IzzyShe had just gotten home from the gym and had sprained her ankle. She couldn't put any weight on in and couldn't walk at all. I have no idea how she drove home from the gym! Well her apartment was on the top floor of the complex and so Sister Nielsen and I got on both sides of her helped her hop up the stairs to her apartment. She kept on apologizing. She said she felt bad that she was keeping us from the person that we were going to see. We told her that we knew, without a doubt, that the Lord had prompted us to go to that area for her. She just started to sob when we said that. She said she knew that too.When we finally got her into her apartment she asked if we could pray together and of course we said yes. After that she asked if we would come back and we could discus our believes! That never happens! So of course we agreed.Okay so here is the crazy part of the story. After we had left we were going to go visit Arma and Izzy was now living in Arma's apartment! CRAZY!!!! Arma had just moved out and Izzy moved in. You guys, the Lord is AMAZING!
Well after the Lord blesses you he has a way of humbling you. We went back to visit Izzy and she wasn't interested in learning more about our beliefs. She just wanted to tell us why we were wrong and was trying to Bible bash us. Oh well...
Well you guys, THIS CHURCH IS TRUE! There is nothing on this earth that could ever get me to deny that.
I love you all!Sister Rich


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